You can download the latest version of Ozeki Alarm by clicking on the link below. After download, you need to unzip it and run the installer in the zip package.

Version:Ozeki Alarm v10.3.97
Updated: 2021.03.03.
Download:  (70.9 MB) 
ozekialarm_10.3.97.deb  (36.2 MB) 
  1. New feature (Uninstall button): Uninstall buttons were added to the connections, to make uninstallation easier
  2. Improvement (GUI): The MPM label is improved to provide accurate measurement for slow connections.
  3. Improvement (Ozeki Account): The Ozeki Account security has been improved
  4. Improvement (SMPP): The submit reference matching is improved. Delviery reports are metched with upper, lower and mixed case submit reference strings.
  5. Improvement (SQL persistence): The sql query evaluation is improved to provide more protection from SQL injection threats.
  6. Bug fix (Addrebook): The address book import feature had a bug, that prevented phone numbers being imported. This bug is fixed.
  7. Bug fix (GUI): The browsre cache prevented the update of the configuration form in some cases. A workaround was put in place to handle this issue
Version:Ozeki Alarm v10.3.95
Updated: 2021.02.26.
  1. Bug fix (SMS): The configuration forms did not preserve some values. This bug is fixed.
  2. Bug fix (Chat): A bug could cause a message loop. This bug is fixed.
Version:Ozeki Alarm v10.3.90
Updated: 2021.02.23.
  1. New feature (Context menu): The context menu was improved, to support file open with the right click
  2. Improvement (Addressing): There was an inconsistency in the addressing scheme. In a message therere are 3 types of addresses: station ID, connection ID, address. The station ID referes to the computer where the messages is coming from. The connection ID contains the name of the connection, for example SMPPlink1, the address contains the actual address, eg. +36123467. The inconsistency happened when the address field was empty. In this case, in some parts of the code the connection ID was inserted in place of the address, in other situations it was left empty. This inconsistency is resolved. The connection ID is NOT inserted into the address fieled if it is left empty. If you did not configure a default address for a connection (e.g. a default phone number in the SMPP link), make sure you have one configured now.
  3. Bug fix (Route link): The route name link did not work properly. It pointed to an invalid URL. It is fixed.
Version:Ozeki Alarm v10.3.77
Updated: 2021.01.24.
Version:Ozeki Alarm v10.3.76
Updated: 2021.01.22.
  1. Ozeki Alarm is a great tool that was developed to handle common IT emergencies. It can detect server failures, Internet outages, low disk space, system overload, website attacks and more. It will greatly increase the reliability and operational security of your critical IT infrastructure.

    In addition to the new, revolutionary IT emergency features, it is equipped to interact with traditional alarm sensors, such as motion detection, smoke detection, etc... Ozeki Alarm also makes it very easy to build custom sensors using micro controllers, such as Arduino or Raspberry PI.

    Last, but not least we must mention the great APIs. You will be able to send alerts using the HTTP API, by creating SQL database records, by sending e-mail messages or by simply creating a text file in a directory. Try it now, you will absolutely love it!

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