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You can download the latest version of Ozeki SMS Wall by clicking on the link below. This page also includes a changelog, which informs you about the latest improvements.

Version:Ozeki SMS Wall v4.0.1
Updated: 2020.07.04.
Download:  (22.8 MB) 
  1. Improvement (Performance): The mobile network connections operate more efficiently
Version:Ozeki SMS Wall v4.0.0
Updated: 2020.06.26.
Download:  (22.8 MB) 
  1. Improvement (Addressbook): The addressbook building speed has been improved. This is great in case of large number of incoming messages.
Version:Ozeki SMS Wall v3.1.1
  1. Bugfix: Now every arrived message is displayed in the moderation form of the sms wall.
  2. Bugfix: in the full screen mode of Android browsers.
  3. Bugfix: in the Post message feature.
Version:Ozeki SMS Wall v3.1.0
  1. A completely rewritten SMS Wall software that supports Windows and Android operation system.
  2. New feature: Web based user interface with a fully redesigned responsive GUI.
  3. New feature: Modifiable backgound image, colors and message display animations.
  4. New feature: Emoji support. There are 20 built in emojis and you can define your own ones if you would like to.
  5. New feature: Moderation of messages
    Black words
    Ignored users (identified by IP or phone number)
    Delayed message display
    Manually delete message before displayed
    Highlight messages
  6. New feature: Send message via internet browser for free.
Version:Ozeki SMS Wall v2.1
  • Ozeki SMS Wall is the best tool you can use to get feedback or questions from your audiance during a conference or an event. SMS messages are sent to a phone number by audiance members and are displayed on a projected screen.

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