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The technology section provides information for individuals interested in our technology. You can learn about the major fields, and find tutorials about solutions we have built.

1. SMS Solutions

Find information about how to add SMS text messaging functionality to IT systems in your organization, to make communication more efficient. SMS is a great tool because it works on all mobile phones including smart phones and traditional mobiles. No smartphone app needs to be installed, and an SMS message is always read.

Find out more about the SMS solutions we have built

2. Databases

Ozeki softwrae products can be configured to connect to databases. By clicking opening the following link, you will find a list of the supported database servers, and information on how to set them up.

Find out more about how to connect database servers

4. VoIP PBX systems

Ozeki offers voice and video over IP products, such as our VoIP SIP SDK and our Camera SDK. We have listed the supported VoIP PBX systems for these products.

Supported VoIP PBX systems by Ozeki

4. Robotics

You can find videos, tutorials and step by step guides on robot building. If you are interested in robotics, you will love this content.

Find out more about building robots

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