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With just a few simple steps you can launch efficient call campaigns using Ozeki Bulk Messenger. On this webpage you can get an insight into the main features of this excellent software product.

Figure 1 - Login page

User interface pages shown:
Home page
Quick Start page
Address book types
Content types
SMS content types
Audio file types
Connection types
Telephone connection types
E-mail connections
SMS connections
Sending a message
Successful delivery
SQL connections
System information
CPU usage
Memory usage
Disk usage
Environment details

After having logged in we can see the 'Home page' of Ozeki Bulk Messenger (Figure 2). Click on the 'Get started' button in order to start your project using the effective functions of this software.

Figure 2 - Home page

Quick Start page

The 'Quick Start page' (Figure 3) shows the way to setup Ozeki Bulk Messenger step by step. Additional functions and examples of the supported address book types are also shown on this page.

Figure 3 - Quick Start page

Addressbook types

Click on the 'Create new address book' button ti view the 'Address book details' where you can choose the type of your address book. (Figure 4)

Figure 4 - Address book types

Content types

When you click on the 'Create new Audio, SMS or E-mail message' button you will see the 'Audio, SMS or E-mail message details' menu. This is where you can decide the type of message content you would like to create. (Figure 5)

Figure 5 - Message types

  • SMS content types

You can see that Ozeki Bulk Messenger supports a wide range of SMS content types.

Figure 6 - SMS content types

  • Audio file types

In case of selecting the 'Audio' content type further possibilities will show up. You can upload, record or even write a message that will be converted into an audio file. (Figure 7)

Figure 7 - Types of audio files

Connection types

If you navigate to the 'Connections' tab and click on the 'Create new Connection' button then you can select the the connnection type you would like to set up: 'Telephone', 'SMS', 'E-mail' or 'HTTP Server' based connection.

Figure 8 - Connection types

  • Telephone connection types

In Figure 9 you can see the telephone connection type options. For example VoIP PBX for telephone exchanges, VoIP Service for an Internet based connection or a PSTN gateway to connect to the public telephone network.

Figure 9 - Types of telephone connections

  • E-mail connection types

If you wish to send E-mail messages you can choose between 'Gmail' service or 'SMTP' connection. (Figure 10)

Figure 10 - Types of E-mail connections

  • SMS connection types
  • Sending SMS messages is also possible using an 'SMS modem' or through an 'SMPP', 'UCP' or 'HTTP'connection. (Figure 11)

    Figure 11 - Types of SMS connections

    Sending a message

    On the 'Send' tab if you click on 'Create new message delivery job' then on the right hand side you can select the addressbook, content and connection type you created earlier. The Ozeki Bulk Messenger program will create a delivery job using the above details which will be sent to the given recipients.

    Figure 12 - Message delivery job

    After you have set all the important data in the 'Send' menu you can see details of the message delivery job (Figure 13). In order to send the preset messages please click on the green 'Start' button.

    Figure 13 - Start sending

    Successful delivery

    After you have sent the messages you can check the message information by clicking on the 'Open' button in the 'Details' section (see Figure 13). We can see that there are 3 sucessfully delivered messages!

    Successful delivery

    Figure 14 - Successful delivery of messages

    SQL connections

    Ozeki Bulk Messenger is also capable of setting up a database connection. Go to the 'Edit' menu on the top left corner of the main page and then select 'Databases'. When you click on the 'Create new Database connection' button you will see the types of database services to the right (Figure 15).

    Figure 15 - Database connection types

    System information

    If you go to the 'Help' menu on the top and select the 'System' submenu (Figure 16) then you will see the following graphs:

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