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Test Your Cluster Configuration

In this section we will disable the Master node by simulating a power-down and see how the Slave node continues to run Ozeki NG SMS Gateway service. After the power-down we will repower the Master node and see how the Slave node stops running OZEKI NG SMS service and gives it back to the Master node.

For the test we needed to install the software of OZEKI Cluster and OZEKI NG SMS Gateway on 2 computers, a Master and a Slave node. Before starting OZEKI NG was stopped on both nodes. The IP address of the Master was and the IP address of Slave 1 was (Figure 1)

Setting the default configuration for testing the Ozeki Cluster

Figure 1 - Test configuration settings

Prior to the start of the cluster we will see that the Slave has no configuration setup (Figure 3). The Slave will receive its setup from the Master (Figure 2) after the cluster is started on the Master node.

Master before starting

Figure 2 - The Master before starting cluster

Slave before starting

Figure 3 - The Slave before starting cluster

Step 1 - Starting the cluster with the Master

First click on the 'Start' button on the Master (Figure 4).

Starting the Ozeki Cluster

Figure 4 (Master) - Starting the cluster

This will start OZEKI NG on the Master node. It will also send cluster configuration data to the Slave and stops OZEKI NG if it is running on the Slave. If everything went fine we will see a green tick everywhere on the Master (Figure 5). On the Slave we should see that OZEKI NG is stopped (Figure 6).

Ozeki NG Running on the master

Figure 5 (Master) - OZEKI NG running on the Master

Ozeki NG has stopped on the slave

Figure 6 (Slave) - OZEKI NG has stopped on the Slave

Step 2 - Unpowering the Master node

Now we should unpower the Master node to test out the cluster. If everything goes fine the Slave gets the role of the Master. You should see the original Master go offline (Figure 7) and OZEKI NG starts running on the new Master node (Figure 8).

Ozeki NG running on the slave

Figure 7 (old slave) - OZEKI NG running on the new Master

Step 3 - Repowering the old Master node

Now that OZEKI NG is running on the new Master node we can repower the old Master node to see what happens. From now on the old Master node will function as the Slave node. (Figure 9)

Ozeki NG running on the master

Figure 8 (old Master) - OZEKI NG is NOT running on the Slave

Ozeki NG has stopped running on the slave

Figure 9 (old Slave) - OZEKI NG is running on the Master

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