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How to install pervious versions

This page explains how you can install a pervious product version.

If you open the Ozeki Installer you can see the newest product versions in the Store.

Figure 1 - New product versions

In case you want to install an older version the first step is to delete the products from the Store. In the Advanced menu select the Products page, check all available product and delete them.

Figure 2 - Delete products

To set the Store to a previous date, select the Store page and click on the store. Add "before" tag to the end of the store URL and click on OK. You can specify the date as the following format: &before=2019-11-17

Figure 3 - Set before tag

If you click on the Home button you can see the empty store.

Figure 4 - Empty store

After you click on the Refres button the Ozeki Store download the older product versions.

Figure 1 - Old product versions

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