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How to setup different types of connections
in Ozeki Bulk Messenger

Here, you can find all the connections you can use with our software. By clicking on each pictures, you will find more details on their installation and configuration.

1. SMS

With our innovative solution you can send bulk SMS text messages to the phone numbers you added, only with one click.
It requires SMS Modem or SMPP Client connection.

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2. E-mail

With our software you can send hundreds of E-mail with one click. You can send E-mails to your potential clients or you can use our solution for corporate communications.
You can connect your Gmail or SMTP servers.

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3. Telephone

This method makes it possible to create automated phone calls to land line telephones, smartphones, softphones.
You can add phone numbers one by one or you can import hundreds of numbers from a database.
There are three ways to connect: VoIP PBX, VoIP Service Provider, PSTN Gateway

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4. Twitter

You can easily share your thoughts with the world using your Twitter account and Ozeki Bulk Messenger software. Create messages on the interface of Ozeki Bulk Messenger and the software will deliver them to your Twitter page as a tweet.

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