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With the Ozeki Auto Dialer Studio you can send bulk SMS text messages besides VoIP calls and Email services. The two most common ways to send large amount of SMS messages are using SMS modem or SMPP Server even through your Android device.

There are two ways you can send SMS messages in the Ozeki Auto Dialer Studio

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1. SMS Modem

You can send and receive SMS messages by attaching a SMS Modem to your PBX computer with a data cable. It works like a phone with a SIM card. It can be used to send a lot of SMS messages without Internet connection.

2. SMPP Client

If you would like to increase performance you can connect your Ozeki Bulk Messenger directly to the Short Message Service Center (SMSC) of a mobile network operator through the Internet. It is called an SMPP IP SMS connection that can be used to transmit huge amount of SMS messages.
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