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Instructions to setup SMS Modem connection in Ozeki Bulk Messenger

With our Ozeki Bulk Messenger software you can send bulk SMS text messages through the Internet with the help of a little modem. This connection requires a SIM card. Below I will show you how to setup SMS Modem connection in the Ozeki Bulk Messenger.

Step 1 - Create an SMS modem connection

In the 'Quick Start' menu on the left side of the page select 'Connections' tab. After the new page appeared you have to select 'Create new connection' and then choose the 'SMS' type of connection.

Figure 1 - Create new SMS connection

At connection types select the 'SMS Modem' connection.

Figure 2 - Choose SMS modem connection

Step 2 - General tab information

At the 'General' tab you can setup your connection settings.

  • 'Connection name:' This is a unique name to differentiate your connections.
  • 'SIM Phone number:' This is the phone number of your SIM card.
  • 'SMS Center:' This is the number of the SMS center, please use international format e.g: +44555123456.
  • 'Port:' Click on the 'Autodetect' button and it will recognize the SMS modem you have connected to your computer.

Figure 3 - General tab

Step 3 - Messaging details

At the 'Messaging' tab you can specify which SMS command you would like to use for incoming messages. If your SMS provider requires other configuration for outgoing SMS, you can configure it at the 'Outgoing messages' section.

Figure 4 - Messaging tab

Step 4 - Logging data

On the 'Logging' tab you can log your calls. At the 'Log file' menu you can provide the following data:

  • 'File name:' Here you add name for your log file.
  • 'Directory:' You can add where you would like to save the log file on your computer.
  • 'Max. size:' You can maximize the size of the log file. After it reached the size you added it will rename the current log file and open a new one.
  • 'Rotate:' You can specify the number of log files that will be created. Typical values are 4-10.
  • 'Zip:' If you select this the log files will be compressed before the next log file created. You can save disk space on your computer.

Figure 5 - Logging details

Step 5 - How to send a test SMS message

Please select the 'Open' button to see the event log, modify the configuration or send a test SMS.

Figure 6 - Open the connection details

Step 6 - Send a test SMS message

Click on the 'Test' button.

Figure 7 - How to send a test SMS

  • 'To:' Add the number you would like to send a message to.
  • Type something into the blank area.
  • You can also check if your connection is working, if there is a 'green pipe' below the Event log then you are ready to send your test SMS.
  • Finally press 'Send'.

Figure 8 - Composing and sending text message

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