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How to create a Standard Address book in Ozeki Bulk Messenger software

In Ozeki Bulk Messenger software you can create personalised address books by adding contacts one by one to your lists. In this instruction I will show you how to make a Standard Address book and add contacts with numbers and E-mail addresses.

Step 1 - Create new address book

On the first page select 'Step 1 - Address books' which is located in the 'Quick Start' menu.

Figure 1 - Create new address book

Step 2 - Create Standard address book

After that, click on the blue 'Create new address book' button and then select the 'Standard' type.

Figure 2 - Select 'Standard' address book

Step 3 - Add name for your Address book

At 'Address bookname': Provide a name for your address book, therefore it will be easier to differentiate it in case of creating more address books. When finished, click 'Ok'.

Figure 3 - Create a name for the addressbook

Step 4 - Adding contacts to your standard addressbook

Please click on the '0 Contacts' button in order to add contacts to the addressbook.

Figure 4 - Addig new contacts

On the 'My address book #1 details' page click on 'Create new contact' button and the 'Contact details' window will show up to the right.

Here you can add information about your contacts:

  • 'Full name:' Here goes the first name and second name of your contact.
  • 'Phone number:' Add the phone number.
  • 'Email:' Provide the E-mail address.
  • 'Description:' You can describe your contact at the blank area, so later you will remember for example from where you know him, where he works at etc.

If you are done with providing information click on 'Ok'.

Figure 5 - Adding new contacts

Step 5 - Adding plus information

Now you can see that the contact you have created has appeared in the 'Contacts' list. It is possible to add further information to your contact like Skype name, Facebook, Twitter etc.

In order to do this click on the 'Open' button.

Figure 6 - Open the details of your contact

On the next page click on 'Add contact information'. In the 'Contact information details' window you can choose which type of information you would like to add to the contact.

Figure 7 - Addig further information to your contact

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