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The Ozeki Door Controller Panel is capable to recognise RFID tags for door controlling. You can also connect an LCD display and a 12 button keypad to it. If you would like to control a doorbell, you can control it with 433 MHz radio frequency signals.

Figure 1 - The modules that need to be connected to create a Door Controller Panel

These Ozeki modules are connected to eachother to create a Door Controller Panel (Figure 1):
Ozeki NFC Host
Ozeki 433Mhz RF Module
Ozeki Display Module
Ozeki Relay Module
Ozeki HUB Controller
Ozeki Matrix Corner

When the modules are attached to eachother they look like this:

Figure 2 - This how the assembled Door Controller Panel looks like

The programmable modules are the Ozeki NFC Host, Ozeki 433Mhz RF Module, Ozeki Display Module and Ozeki Relay Module. Each contain an Atmega 328p microcontroller so you can program them separetly like an Arduino Nano using the Arduino IDE environment. But you should be aware that not every pin is led out from the 328p chips so they have less pinouts then an Arduino Nano. As a reference you can check out the Arduino Nano specifications. A reset button can also be found on each module just like on the Arduino Nano.

Each programmable module connects to PC via seperate USB to serial converter chips (CH340G). But physically this is just one micro USB cable. The same that is used for connecting smartphones and PCs.


  • IC: 4 Atmega 328p microcontrollers
    Specification for each:
    • Clock Speed: 16 MHz
    • Flash Memory: 32 KB
    • SRAM: 2 KB
    • EEPROM: 1 KB
  • USB support provided by 4 CH340G USB to serial chips:
    • Micro USB (compatible with mobile phone USB cables)
    • Connection is through the Ozeki HUB Controller
  • Power supply from USB (5V, 100mA)
  • 500mA resettable fuse
  • Status LEDs for each integrated module: power, TX, RX, D13
  • Can be screwed on the 6 module Ozeki Matrix Board
  • Product dimensions:

Ozeki Door Controller on a single PCB

Instead of connecting the 6 modules, you can have the whole door controller on a single PCB. Below we have provided the download files for manufacturing. If you decide later on that you would like to build something else, you can always cut the panel and create seperate modules.

Download files for manufacturing

PCB file (.zip)
Gerber file (.zip)
CAD (.sldprt)
CAD dimensions (.pdf)
Schematics (.zip)
Bill of materials

Ozeki Door Controller Panel on a single PCB
Figure 3 - This is a Door Controller Panel without the components soldered onto the board

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