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How to import TXT document to Ozeki Bulk Messenger

With Ozeki Bulk Messenger software you can import TXT contact lists so you don't have to add them one by one. In this tutorial I will show you how to create a TXT file containing E-mail addresses and import it to Ozeki Bulk Messenger.

Step 1 - Create a TXT File

'Right click' on the desktop and select 'Text Document' at the 'New' tab.

Figure 1 - Create a TXT document

Now start filling the TXT file with E-mail addresses, make sure they are below each other as on 'Figure 2'. You can do this by hitting 'Enter' after each E-mail address.

Figure 2 - Fill in the E-mail addresses

Click on 'File' and 'Save' the TXT document.

Figure 3 - Save the TXT document

Now please return to Ozeki Bulk Messenger software.

Step 2 - Create new address book

On the 'Quick Start' page select 'Step 1 - Address books'.

Figure 4 - Create TXT address book

Now click on 'Create new address book' and choose the 'TXT' addressbook type on the right.

Figure 5 - Create TXT address book

Step 3 - Import the TXT document

You can provide a name for your address book at 'Address book name'.
At 'Details' tab choose E-mail if your TXT document contains E-mail addresses and click 'Ok'.
Finally, click on 'Browse...' and look for the TXT file you have previously created then click on 'Upload'.

Figure 6 - Import the TXT document

These are the options from which you can choose:

Figure 7 - Types of details

Step 4 - Managing your new address book and adding further information to your contacts

Click on 'Contacts' to see the details of your contacts.

Figure 8 - Opening your contacts

Here you can manage your contacts, change them and add new ones.
Now click on 'Open' next to the contact you would like to edit.

Figure 9 - Editing contacts

After clicking on 'Add contact information' button, 'Contact information details' window will be seen on the right.
This is where you can choose what kind of information you would like to add to your contact.

Figure 10 - Adding further information to your contact

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