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How to create a Twitter connection

In this article you will find detailed description about how you can easily create Twitter connection in Ozeki Bulk Messenger. With this method, tweets can be sent from the interface of the Dialer program. What you only need is a Twitter account and of course Ozeki Bulk Messenger communication software.

Ozeki Bulk Messenger can be obtained by
opening the download page:
Download Ozeki Bulk Messenger!

Step 1 – Create new app

After logging in to your Twitter account, go to page and click on the 'Create New App' button. (Figure 1)

Figure 1 - Create new Twitter app

Step 2 – Provide application details

On this page you have to provide details in connection with the application. Type a name, description and a website. These information are required in order to continue creating your app. (Figure 2)

If you have agreed to the Twitter Developer Agreement tick the checkbox in the 'Developer Agreement' tab. After that click on the 'Create your Twitter application' button. (Figure 2)

Figure 2 - Application details

Note: To use this function you previously need to connect your Twitter account to a phone number or an error message will show up. (Figure 3)

Figure 3 - Error message

On the top of your Twitter account page click on the 'egg' icon choose 'Settings' menu and then the 'Mobile' tab on the left-hand side. Provide your country and the phone number you wish to use. Then click on 'Continue' (Figure 4)

Figure 4 - Add your phone number

After adding the required data you will get a verification code in SMS which you have to enter in the given area. Then click on 'Activate phone' (Figure 5)

Figure 5 - Provide the verification code

Step 3 – Create an access token

Go to 'Keys and Access Tokens' menu and at the bottom of the page click on 'Create my access token'. (Figure 6)

Figure 6 - Create access token

After that, access token codes will be generated for your application. In the 'Application Settings' menu 'Consumer Key (API Key) and 'Consumer Secret (API Secret)' codes, in 'Your Access Token' menu 'Access Token' and 'Access Token Secret' codes will be needed to provide during the authenticaton. (Figure 7)

Figure 7 - Application and token access codes

Step 4 – Create a Twitter connection in Ozeki Bulk Messenger

Go back to Ozeki Bulk Messenger and choose the 'Connections' tab on the left side. Then click on the 'Create new connection' button and select 'Twitter'. (Figure 8)

Figure 8 - Create a Twitter connection

In the 'Authentication' field grant the required data and click 'Ok'. (Figure 9)

Figure 9 - Authentication

Step 5 – Send a tweet

After creating a Twitter client click on the 'Open' button. (Figure 10)

Figure 10 - Open Twitter client

You will see 'My twitter client #1 details' page where you have to select 'Test' button. Now it is time to type your message in the field and if finished click on 'Post'. (Figure 11)

Figure 11 - Create a tweet

If everything went fine you will be notified with a success message. (Figure 12)

Figure 12 - Success message

Step 6 – Checking

Now go back to your Twitter page and check whether your tweet was sent. Success! (Figure 13)

Figure 13 - Successful tweeting

Ozeki Bulk Messenger supplies you with many great functions which are very efficient and easy-to-use.

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