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Ozeki SMS Wall
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How to display messages sent from Ozeki NG

You are able to connect Ozeki NG SMS Gateway to Ozeki SMS Wall for incoming SMS messages to appear on the display. The incoming SMS messages can arrive through any connection that is supported by Ozeki NG.

STEP 1: Create SMPP user in Ozeki NG

The first step is creating an SMPP user in Ozeki NG. You will connect this user to Ozeki SMS Wall, so every SMS sent to Ozeki NG can be forwarded the SMS Wall.

Please start by switching to the 'Management' tab (Figure 1)

Clicking on 'Management' in Ozeki NG

Figure 1 - Clicking on the 'Management' tab in Ozeki NG

First, check if NG has an SMS service provider connected to it, you can see this on the left side of the browser. If there is an active connection to NG, click on 'Add new user or application...' on the right side of the browser window (Figure 2).

Clicking 'Add new user or application...'

Figure 2 - Select 'Add new user or application...'

Now please scroll down and select SMPP user installation by clicking on the 'install' link (Figure 3).

Selecting SMPP user installation

Figure 3 - Selecting SMPP user installation

Now it is time to provide the SMPP user application name in the textbox. You cannot use spaces or any other special characters. When you are ready click 'Ok' (Figure 4).

Providing an SMPP user application name

Figure 4 - Providing an SMPP user application name

Here you can set the password and click 'Ok' (Figure 5 - 2). Your NG SMPP user is successfully created. Later on you will need the username and password in Ozeki SMS Wall.

Click on 'Management' to see the routing table (Figure 5 - 3).

Providing an SMPP user application password

Figure 5 - Providing an SMPP user application password

It is necessary to route incoming calls to your freshly created NG SMPP user.

Click on 'Add new route...' in the 'Incoming' section to configure path (Figure 6).

Clicking on 'Add new route...'

Figure 6 - Clicking on 'Add new route...'

Select destination user and click 'Ok' to insert new path into the routing table (Figure 7).

Selecting destination user and clicking 'Ok'

Figure 7 - Selecting destination user and clicking 'Ok'

If you look on the routing table you will see your freshly added row in the 'Incoming' section (Figure 8).

Here you can see your SMPP user added as a destination

Figure 8 - Here you can see an SMPP user added as a destination

STEP 2: Create SMPP connection in Ozeki SMS Wall

Now it is time to start Ozeki SMS Wall. First, you will find yourself on the home page. Click on 'Connect to the mobile network' on the left side of the home page (Figure 9).

Clicking 'Connect to the mobile network' in Ozeki SMS Wall

Figure 9 - Click on 'Connect to the mobile network' in Ozeki SMS Wall

Click on the blue 'Create new connection' button and select 'SMPP' from the opening box on the right side (Figure 10).

Choosing 'SMPP' connection

Figure 10 - Choosing 'SMPP' connection

Now it is time to fill the 'Connection details' form in Ozeki SMS Wall.

Before doing it, please check the IP address of NG. (Figure 11)

Checking the IP address of Ozeki NG

Figure 11 - Checking the IP address of Ozeki NG

The default port number should be 8500. The username and password should be equal to the SMPP username and password combo you have previously created in Ozeki NG (Step 1) Click 'Ok' to continue (Figure 12).

Filling out SMPP connection details

Figure 12 - Filling out the SMPP connection details

In the 'Connections' list you can find your setup SMPP connection with a red X next to it. The red X means it is not yet connected. Click on the 'Connect' button to connect to the Ozeki NG SMPP user (Figure 13).

Connecting SMS Wall to Ozeki NG

Figure 13 - The final step of connecting Ozeki NG to the Ozeki SMS Wall

It can take up to a minute for the green tick to appear. After it has appeared click 'Home' to return to the Wall (Figure 14).

Clicking 'Home' after the connection has been successful

Figure 14 - Clicking 'Home' after the connection has been successfully created

STEP 3: Display a test SMS on the wall by sending it to NG

The time has come to test your SMS Wall. Please send an SMS to the phone number registered to NG (Figure 15).

Sending SMS to Ozeki NG

Figure 15 - Sending SMS to Ozeki NG

In Ozeki SMS Wall you will see the SMS arrived in the 'Incoming messages' section (Figure 16). In this section you can delete incoming messages before they appear.

SMS has arrived to 'Incoming messages'

Figure 16 - The SMS has arrived to the 'Incoming messages' table

After the time delay has passed the message automatically appears on the Wall (Figure 17).

You can set it to fullscreen mode if you would like your audience to easily read it. Just click on 'Fullscreen' (Figure 17).

SMS has been displayed

Figure 17 - The SMS has been displayed on the Wall

Ozeki SMS Wall in fullscreen mode

Figure 18 - Ozeki SMS Wall is set to fullscreen mode

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