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Ozeki Sensor Gateway is capable to manage different type of solutions. For example:

Plant watering system
Automatic plant watering keeps your plants healthy. You can be anywhere doing anything, Ozeki will automatically water your plants. By installing Ozeki on a computer and by placing plant watering modules in your garden or home, you can watch your plants grow. What if your plants could be independent from rain? Whenever the soil gets dry, plants can be watered automatically.
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Smart relay
A relay is an electrically operated mechanical switch. Relays are used where it is necessary to control a high-power circuit by a separate low-power signal. A relay becomes smart if some kind of computing device controls it. Here you can learn how to build a smart relay. By installing Ozeki 10 on your Raspberry Pi, you can control the relay over the internet.
See how to control a relay with Ozeki 10
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