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Setting Gmail from/to SMS

The Ozeki SMS Gateway can periodically download incoming e-mail messages from your Gmail's POP3 account or send messages through your Gmail's SMTP connection. The downloaded email messages can be forwarded by SMS or the incoming SMS messages can be forwarded by email.

Configuring Gmail From SMS

If Ozeki SMS Gateway gets new SMS messages, the messages can be forwarded using your Gmail's SMTP connection.

STEP 1: Provide the SMTP server's connection details in Ozeki SMS Gateway (Figure 1). You can easily set it in your E-mail User's 'SMS to E-mail' tabpage during user configuration. The SMTP settings for Ozeki SMS Gateway's E-mail User are the following:

  • Sender e-mail address:
  • SMTP server:
  • SMTP Port: 25

Figure 1 - Set SMTP server details

STEP 2: Providing user credentials for authentication

Every Gmail SMTP server account has a password which is the password belonging to the Gmail user. Please provide it on the 'SMTP' authentication tabpage.

Gmail SMTP servers requires authentication (Figure 2):
  • 'My SMTP server requires authentication.': Turn ON
  • SMTP Username: your Gmail username
  • SMTP Password: your Gmail password
  • 'My SMTP server requires SSL connection': Turn ON

Figure 2 - Provide authentication details to connect to the SMTP server

Configuring Gmail To SMS

Ozeki SMS Gateway's E-mail User can easily connect to your Gmail's POP3 account. This is an easy way to download your incoming mails and forward them in SMS. The recipient's phone number can be configured in SMS Gateway's E-mail User or provided in the E-mail's subject.

STEP 1: Click the cog and click 'Settings' from the top menu of your Gmail account then click 'Forwarding and POP/IMAP' to enable POP3 for all emails (Figure 3).

Figure 3 - In your gmail account, please enable POP3 for all emails

STEP 2: Provide POP3 connection details in your Ozeki SMS Gateway's E-mail User (Figure 4).
  • POP3 Server:
  • Port: 995
  • SSL: Turn ON
  • POP3 Username: your Gmail username
  • POP3 Password: your Gmail password

Figure 4 - Provide POP3 connection details on the Ozeki SMS Gateway's E-mail User's configuration panel

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