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Autoreply Easy SMS with pre-written text

Ozeki SMS Gateway's Autoreply Easy User can reply to every incoming SMS with a text of your choice. A txt file stores the text, so you can modify it from your own application or from Ozeki SMS Gateway. This guide explains how to install and configure your Autoreply Easy User.

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Autoreply Easy User is very similar to Autoreply User, however it is not capable to forward incoming SMS messages. It is only capable to reply them. This reply can be a plain text or a WAP Push message. If you do not know what WAP Push message is, it is basicly a link to a WAP site or a traditional webpage, placed into an XML encoded message. The reply SMS message can be modified with Ozeki SMS Gateway's user configuration form or your application. You just have to overwrite 'autoreply_NameOfUser.txt' at C:\Program Files\Ozeki\Ozeki10\Data\NG\config\scripts, which is the default location.

Only the reply message is editable. This is why it is called Autoreply Easy User. Unlike Autoreply User, the filtering rules are not applicable and forwarding rules cannot be set. Autoreply Easy User replies to all incoming messages.

These keywords will be replaced to the appropriate values in each reply:

$MSGThe text of the incoming message
$SENDERPhone number of the originator
$RECEIVERPhone number of the recipient

Autoreply Easy Users can be installed and configured through Ozeki SMS Gateway's browser GUI.

Installing Autoreply Easy User

The right-hand panel of the 'Management' console is called 'Users/Applications'. Click the 'Add' button (Figure 1). You can also add users by selecting 'Users and applications/Add user or application' from the top-menu bar.

Figure 1 - Click 'Add' on the 'Users/Applications' panel of the 'Management' console

You will see two panels on the new page (Figure 2):

The panel on the left shows the list of users and applications. On the bottom of the panel you can see how much users and applications are currently installed.

The right side panel is where you can search the user or application you would like to install. You can also find a brief description next to them. Please find the Autoreply Easy User and click the blue 'install' link (Figure 2).

Figure 2 - Click 'install' next to Autoreply Easy User

The installation is very simple. You just need to provide a unique username and click 'OK'.

Configuring Autoreply Easy User

After clicking 'OK', you will be on the 'Autoreply script' tabpage of the 'Configuration' panel (Figure 3).

Figure 3 - Write your Autoreply message

The tabpage consists of 3 boxes:
  • 'AutoReplyEasy script file' textbox. It is uneditable. It contains a filename in the following format: 'autoreply_NameOfUser.txt' This file can be found at C:\Program Files\Ozeki\Ozeki10\Data\NG\config\scripts as default. The destination of the script file is relative to the installation path of Ozeki 10.

  • 'AutoReplyEasy type' combobox is where you can select the preferred type of SMS message. It is set to SMS:TEXT as default, but you can send SMS:WAPPUSH messages to link the user to a WAP site or a traditional webpage. Other message types like MMS, Audio (TEXT, WAV, MP3) and a bunch of other SMS types can be used as well.

  • A message field is under the combobox. This is where you should write your reply message. The default message is 'This is the reply message.'. You can use keywords to make your message more unique ($MSG, $SENDER, $RECEIVER). If the reply is not longer than 160 characters, it will fit in a single SMS message. The message field can be edited from outside sources as well. For example your application could edit 'autoreply_NameOfUser.txt'.

Configuring user Log Generation

Find the 'Logging' tabpage on the Autoreply Easy User's 'Configuration' panel. Log user message flow and low level communications as well. It helps you to debug communication problems if you place a tick in both checkboxes (Figure 4).

Figure 4 - Configuring Autoreply Easy User logs

Set 'Log file settings' in the groupbox below the checkboxes. The default directory to store your logs is C:\Program Files\Ozeki\Ozeki10\Data\NG\Logs. Set the maximum file size in kB and the maximum number of log files as well. Everytime the size of a log file gets bigger, a new file is going to be created and this new file replaces the oldest file if the file number limit has been reached. You can set the maximum number of files next to the 'Number of rotated files' sign.

'Logging' tabpage's default values:
  • Log sent and received messages in human readable format: Checked
  • Log low level communication: Unchecked
  • Log directory: C:\Program Files\Ozeki\Ozeki10\Data\NG\Logs
  • Maximum log file size: 8000 kB
  • Number of rotated files: 8

These boxes should remain unchanged if you prefer these values.

Advanced Settings

Click the 'Advanced' tabpage to reach advanced settings (Figure 5). Here you can set the username and password pair to log into Ozeki SMS Gateway. You can modify the address belonging to the Autoreply Easy User as well.

On the middle you can select the 'Type of Addressbook' you prefer. You can configure it on the left-hand panel.

In the lower left corner you can 'Allow routing table override' to allow SMS Gateway to automatically select the service provider for each message. In the right corner you can 'Enable accounting for this user' to apply a credit limit. Each SMS message costs one credit. Add credits to the user by clicking 'Settings' on the panel to your left.

Figure 5 - Looking over the 'Advanced' tab

SMS Scheduling

You can schedule when the Autoreply Easy User will reply to incoming messages. It is turned off as default as you can see it on Figure 6. If it is turned on, SMS messages received before or after the schedule will not be replied.

Figure 6 - Modifying the configuration of SMS Scheduling

If you have finished the configuring your Autoreply Easy User, click 'OK' to save it.

You can always come back to check events or modify configuration. You can do this by selecting your user on the 'Users/Applications' panel and clicking appropriate button on the left hand panel (Figure 7)

Figure 7 - Modify configuration of your Autoreply Easy User

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