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I. Ozeki Message Server 6 - Single connection edition

This version is primarily intended for the SOHO market. It makes it possible to attach a single GSM modem or to use a single IP SMS connection to send and receive SMS messages. It contains the necessary clients (Excel, Outlook, Ozeki) to make SMS messaging possible from an Office, and to create small SMS based solutions and extensions to company information systems.

II. Ozeki Message Server 6 - Professional edition

This version is target for software developers and system integrators. It contains all the plugins, and API-s along with examples to create reliable SMS based services. It can be used with up to four SMS connections simultaneously. This means, that you can attach 4 mobile phones/IP SMS connections to it. It has a service monitoring extension, called performance manager. This extension runs as a separate service and performs performance management tasks on the message queues. It acts as a watchdog, that monitors server activity. In this version there is no limitation for the number of applications, and the number of users that can attach to the service.

III. Ozeki Message Server 6 - Enterprise edition

We recommend this version to large organizations. It is designed to serve a large number of users and provides access to standard enterprise services: it has support for user  authentication through LDAP / Active Directory and an SQL database server. It has an option to use a central address book stored in an SQL database or provided by an enterprise directory service.  The software includes all the API's, Plugins and Extensions to support software development and integration.

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