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On a pair of Modbus wires, slaves can be addressed from 1 to 247. Each slave replies to Modbus Function Codes from the Master. Most slaves can measure data or interact with the environment, which is stored in registers. You can read/write registers with Function Codes.

Temperature and humidity sensor
This is a high precision temperature and humidity sensor module. It has a high precision probe that guarantees the products with excellent measurement performance. Thanks to this, it is ideal for real-time monitoring of multiple site environment.
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Relay board
With this 4-channel relay interface board you can control various appliances and other equipment with large current. It allows you to control each channel with 6 commands including open, close, momentary, self-locking, interlocking and delay.
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Energy meter
This unit measures and displays various important electrical parameters and provide a communication port for remote reading and monitoring. Bi-directional energy measurement makes the unit a good choice for solar PV energy metering.
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Temperature sensor (DS18B20)
This small module has a high precision temperature sensor that produces the measured values to two decimal places using the Modbus RTU protocol. It also has an option to shift the temperature value.
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Digital counter
This is an electronic unit with four digital counter imputs. It has a Modbus RTU communication interface to provide a simple way for integrating digital signals to supervisory system. The input signals are isolated from the power thus protecting the electrical instruments by eliminating ground loop effects.
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