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Frequently asked questions

How much does SMS sending  cost?
The Ozeki Message Server is a software product that you can install on your computer. It is not a bulk SMS service. It uses a GSM phone connected to the PC (or an IP SMS service) to send and receive  messages. The cost of an SMS message depends on your mobile subscription.

Does Server 6 operate as an MMS Centre?  If doesn't, when will this functionality be available?
Currently it does not have MMS support. We are  adding the MMS functionality to the software soon. If you have a service provider that has an IP MMS interface, we can develop a driver for it free of charge.

Can Server 6 provide 'Reverse Billing' functions?
The software does not have billing support, though you can set up user credits to limit the maximum number of messages, which   a certain user can send.

We will require support to connect us to the Mobile Network Operators using IP
We can give you support using a remote console such as  Logmein.com for setup. On-site technical support is also possible, provided travel expenses are covered. You can read more about our technical support service on the following URL:

How do I split the body of SMS into separate words and insert the words into seperate columns in a database (access or mysql)?

In Ozeki Message Server, you have an option to specify a custom SQLstatement for Insert. The following webpage describes how this can be done:

To achieve the desired result I suggest you tha t you go through the MySQL manual to find out if they have a function for this. This article could be interesting for you:

How can I display an organization (or company) name as the sender of the SMS message?

If you use GSM modem connectivity, you cannot display an organization name instead of the telephone number as the sender of an SMS message. This is due to the characteristics of the GSM network. However, if you use IP SMS connection, you can specify the sender for each message individually and override the telephone number with alphanumeric text consisting of up to 11 characters.

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