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Ozeki 10 - HTTP API

The HTTP API is an API that is available in Ozeki 10. This technology provides you that you are allowed to create, control or monitor a phone call, and also you can send messages with it. This API is very easy to use that can be accessed through HTTP.

HTTP API Commands
In Ozeki 10, there are several HTTP API commands that you can use for sending or receiving messages or phone calls. You can also find commands that can be used for manipulating or recording a call. The commands are separated into two main types, so you can easily find out which commands are for messaging which of these are for phone calls.
Check the list of available HTTP API commands in Ozeki 10.

HTTP API Test Guide
This guide is about to give you quick guideline how you can test the HTTP API commands in Ozeki 10. Here you will be able to see how the examples of each command can be tested with an IVR system and also how to test the example URL requests by an easy to follow step by step guide and a video tutorial.
Find out how easy you can test the HTTP API commands in Ozeki 10.
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