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Ozeki SMS Wall has lots of   useful features . These features help manage the presented information and store historical data for later use. The most important of these features are the following: Unwanted messages can be deleted any time  from the wall. The sender phone number of incoming messages can be automatically saved in a database.  With the help of only a few mouse-clicks advertisements or any other information can be sent to the stored phone numbers.

One of the important aspects during development was to make it easy to change the background graphics and to provide an easy way to modify the display characters of the animation. For example you can put animated gifs on the page and you can ask the software to replace certain character sequences to graphics, such as a smile, in the message.

In addition to the above mentioned features,   the software enables you to perform pre-display and on-screen moderation and message filtering. The software is able to display international (unicode 2) characters, which means it can be used in any country with the local script (arabic, chinese and every unicode character is supported).

If you wish to download a trial version  click on the following link: ozekisms_wall2_trial.exe (3.7Mb). This version is similar to the first version. It means you need a PC, a mobile phone and a projector to use it. Of course the mobile phone needs to be connected to the PC with a data cable or an Infrared or Bluetooth connection.
You may take a look at our list of supported devices to find out which GSM modems are the best.

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