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This Ozeki support console allows you to get in touch with our developers and highly skilled support technicians. You can submit a technical question, a bug report or ask for a new software feature, that would help you become more productive. The process is easy, the experience is great.
Version: v10.3.84  (view change log)
New release: 2021.02.12.  (12.5 MB) 
ozekisupport_10.3.84.deb  (16.7 MB) 

Support App Installation

In this section you can learn about Support App installation and login process. The whole procedure will take just about 4 minutes.


In order to use Ozeki Support App services, you need a suitable computer, with a network connection (Internet or LAN). On this computer you should have Windows 10 (or Windows Server 2016 or newer) installed. For more information, please check out the detailed list of system requirements in our System requirements page.

Ozeki Prerequisites:
  • Personal computer (PC)
  • 8 GB RAM
  • Quad Core CPU
  • SSD drive (for better performance) with 100 MB of free disk space
  • Windows 10 operating system
  • Internet connection
  • Web browser: Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge (Chrome based) or Brave
  • Ozeki Installer

Step 1 - Download Ozeki Installer

The latest release of Ozeki Support App can be downloaded from the following Downloads page: To download the Installer in compressed format, you need to click on the first link as Figure 1 shows below. We recommend you to always download the latest version. This version always contains all the currently available features and improvements.

downloading ozeki support app
Figure 1 - Downloading Ozeki Support App

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