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Ozeki Sensor Gateway is an Ozeki 10 app. It allows you to collect data from sensors and allows you to control devices. It is designed to deal with very large amount of data and a very large number of sensors. It is a high performance and reliable system. We encourage you to download the trial version an experience it yourself.

Ozeki Sensor Gateway is a software, that works on Windows and Linux and Android. It can run on servers, standard PC-s and in embedded system.


Save sensor data in a database:
Local sensors
  • Sensor to PC using USB/RS232/UART/Serial
  • Sensor to PC using Microcontroller
  • Sensor to PC using GPIO
Remote sensors
  • Collect data on a single PC
  • Collect data in your LAN
  • Collect data using the Internet
  • Collect data using the Mobile network (SMS, GPRS, 3G, 4G)
Data collection hosts
  • Android mobile
  • Raspberry PI
  • Arduino
  • PC

Data storage and processing

Data processing
  • Sensor data into text files
  • Sensor data through HTTP
  • Execute shell script

Sensors by device

  • Intel PC-s (Windows,Linux)
  • ARM PC-s (Raspberry Pi)
  • Mobile phones (Android devices)
Android mobile
Built in sensors
  • Location
  • Camera
  • Microphone / Speaker
  • Motion / orientation
External sensors
  • Sensors can communicate with an Android mobile through the headphone jack (read more).
  • Analog sensors
  • Digital sensors
  • I2C,SPI sensors
  • Control motors and actuators

Build your own device

This section contains information for hackers and hardware enthusiasts. You can find tutorials on how to build smart devices using commonly available parts, and how to control these devices from your PC or mobile.
Raspberry Pi

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