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SMS through Email in both directions

Here you can read about the E-mail User and what it can be used for. You can easily install it through the browser GUI of Ozeki SMS Gateway. Configure the E-mail User to send emails as SMS messages and vice versa.

The E-mail User is an automated user that can manage two way email traffic. It can download incoming emails through a POP3 server and forward them in SMS to the phone number in the email's subject, but it can also transform SMS messages to e-mails and forward them with an SMTP server (Figure 1).

Figure 1 - System architecture of the SMS through Email function

Ozeki SMS Gateway's E-mail User acts as an email client. Which means it uses a POP3 server to receive messages and an SMTP server to send messages. E-mail Users can be easily installed and configured through the browser GUI.

How to install an E-mail User in Ozeki SMS Gateway

On the 'Management' page of the browser GUI, please look at the right hand panel, which is the 'Users/Applications' panel. Here you will find an 'Add' button (Figure 2). Alternatively you can reach it by clicking 'Users and applications/Add user or application' from the top menu.

Figure 2 - Adding an E-mail User

The new page will consist of a left hand and right hand panel (Figure 3).

The left hand panel is called 'Users/Application' and shows a list of the already installed users. On the bottom of the panel you will see the number of installed users. Each user must have a unique name.

But now you should focus on the right hand panel, which is used for installing new users. This panel is called 'Add user or application'. Here you can find user types and brief descriptions for every type.

Start installing an E-mail User by clicking the blue 'Install' button next to 'E-mail' (Figure 3).

Figure 3 - Installing an E-mail User

Keep in mind to enter a unique username on the 'Email application installation' panel.

You will find yourself on the 'E-mail to SMS' tab of the 'Configuration' panel. Continue to the following pages to see how to connect your E-mail User to a POP3 server or an SMTP server. These connections cover the Email to SMS and SMS to Email functions.

You can modify any user's configuration and view it's events by selecting the user on the right hand side panel of the 'Management Console'. This panel is called 'Users/Applications'. After you have selected the user, click 'Events' on the left hand side panel. The log contains events and user parameters as well (Figure 4).

Figure 4 - The events of the E-mail User

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