How to use Ozeki TCP Listener

This guide explains how you can use Ozeki TCP Listener. Ozeki TCP Listener is an easy-to-use TCP Listener application which makes it possible to easily communicate with other programs using TCP connection. This way developers can simply test the TCP communication of their application.

Step 1

Download Ozeki TCP listener, and run it (Figure 1).

Figure 1 - Download Ozeki TCP listener

Step 2

After the aplication started you have to define the port number where the Ozeki TCP Listener will listen and then click to Start server (Figure 2).

Figure 2 - Start server

Step 3

Then the server started you can send request to it (Figure 3).

Figure 3 - Send Request

Step 4

The request appeares in the Ozeki TCP Listener's window (Figure 4).

Figure 4 - Receive Request

Step 5

If you received a requests you can send a response back to the client (Figure 5).

Figure 5 - Send Response

Step 6

In the browser you can see the response (Figure 6).

Figure 6 - Receive Response