Ozeki SMS Gateway

Ozeki SMS Gateway

A super on premise SMS gateway system for business users.

Ozeki SMS gateway is a powerful on premise SMS gateway software that can be installed on your own server. It makes sending and receiving SMS text messages to mobile phones easy and it can be used to create automated SMS services. It allows you to use your Android mobile to send SMS through a SIM card and it can also be directly connected to the Short Message Service Centers (SMSC) of mobile network operators and Internet SMS service providers through the Internet to achieve high volume messaging.

Ozeki SMS Gateway is unique because:

  • It will keep your phone numbers and messages safe: All your messages will be stored on your own server.
  • It keeps you service provider independent: Connect to multiple SMS services and switch when neccessary.
  • It is high performance: Send and receive up to 1000 SMS per second.

Ozeki SMS Gateway was built for performance. It can deliver up to 1000 SMS messages per second through Internet SMS connections. It supports the most popular internet SMS protocol: SMPP. It has a built in SMPP server and an SMPP client. It also offers UCP SMS protocol, CIMD2 protocol implementations and the best HTTP SMS API. Ozeki SMS gateway is a great choice if you wish to provide SMS notification or SMS content services to your customers. This software is popular among businesses and is also used by many mobile network operators and SMS service providers.

Ask any of our customers about reliabilty. You will hear, that once installed, this software will operate 24/7 for years without any problems.

Download Ozeki SMS Gateway:

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Try Ozeki SMS gateway today. Please visit the software's website: https://www.ozeki-sms-gateway.com.

Ozeki VoIP SDK

Ozeki VoIP SDK

Gives you the tools to develop Voice over IP (VoIP) and real time 2D/3D Video calling applications in C#.Net.

Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK is a great tool for building voice and video telephone solutions. It implements the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), that makes it easy for you to connect to existing phone systems, or to build a phone system of your own. The SIP protocol is a network protocol that is responsible for signaling and establishing the call. During the call setup, and when the audio and video data travels through the network several other protocols are used (SDP, RTP, etc), that are also offered by this tool. Developers use Ozeki SDK because it offers a great implementation of the above protocols. They often start by reading the following guides:

In addition to protocols, Ozeki makes it easy to access the local audio and video devices (microphones, cameras, speakers) of your system in C#.Net. It also offers great audio and video enhancing algorithems, such as auto gain control for voice. To learn more visit https://www.voip-sip-sdk.com.

Ozeki Camera SDK

Ozeki Camera SDK

Enables you to capture and process the video frames of USB and network cameras. Offers computer vision.

If you are interested in USB cameras and IP Camera technology, automated image processing and computer vision, Ozeki Camera SDK is definitely something you should check out. This is a great tool for C#.Net developers who wish to work with cameras efficiently. This product offers high performance video frame capture and image processing functionality.

The best thing about this Camera SDK is that it comes with a great documentation and a very large number of easy to understand example projects. You can start out from the example projects that is closest to your goal, you can improve it according to your requirements. More information about Ozeki Camera SDK can be found at https://www.camera-sdk.com.

Ozeki Phone System

Ozeki Phone System XE

VoIP PBX system for Windows with great APIs for developers, and super out of the box features.

Ozeki Phone System is a software-based telephone system that can be installed on Windows. It can manage the communication of Voice Over IP (VoIP) desktop telephones and mobile phones running VoIP client software. It can setup voice calls and video calls between these devices. If you wish to make phone calls in your office, or between your local and remote offices over the Internet, Ozeki Phone System will serve you well.

To create a modern IP telephone system, you only need to install Ozeki Phone System on one of your Windows server computers and you need to configure your VoIP desktop phones and Android or iPhone mobile phones to connect to it. After the initial setup you will be able to make calls free of charge independently of telephone service providers.

One of the advantages of Ozeki Phone System, is that it can also be used to send and receive SMS text messages and offers various application programming interfaces (APIs). This allows you to setup automated business procedures, where the system can make automated phone calls using prerecorded voice or text to speech, or you can send automated text messages on various business events. Check it out by opening https://www.ozekiphone.com.

Android SMS

Android SMS

With Android SMS, you can set up your first SMS service in minutes and start sending short messages to your customers or receiving text messages from them.

Android SMS is an Ozeki SMS Clients for Android app. It was developed with the aim of being able to build your first SMS system quickly and efficiently. It turns your mobile phone into an SMS modem and you can start sending bulk SMS to your customers.

Once you have installed and completed the necessary settings, you can immediately connect to the Ozeki SMS gateway software or the myozeki.com SMS marketing system. SMS messages are sent via the mobile phone. The price of the messages depends on the subscription for the SMS card.*** Using Android SMS makes it possible to create an SMS marketing system that provides a high-quality communication experience for corporate customers.

SMS is more than text messaging. SMS marketing makes companies successful in all sectors. Even small businesses - from pizzerias to florists - send short message payment link or special offers and coupons directly to customers' mobile devices via SMS text messages. Engage your customers even more by sending text messages, delivery notifications, calendar invites, polls and surveys.

Download and setup information is available at the Android SMS app website.

Ozeki Modbus Gateway

Ozeki Modbus Gateway

Ozeki Modbus Gateway makes you able to communicate with your PLC and read data or send data to it.

Ozeki Modbus Gateway is a powerfull communication software used for transmitting information over serial lines between electronic devices. It can be you use both operating system Windows and Linux. Your whole manufacturing process can become much smarter and more efficient.

More information is available at Ozeki Modbus Gateway.

Ozeki Cluster

Ozeki Cluster

Ozeki Cluster automatically starts your SMS services on your backup server in case the hardware brakes down.

Ozeki Cluster was designed to operate a system using multiple server computers. The goal of this setup is to increase service reliability and to protect against hardware or network failures. When Ozeki Cluster is used the multiple servers work together and operate as a single system. The cluster software is responsible for two things: synchronizing data and detecting hardware failure.

The most simple configuration consists of two computers: a live server and a backup server. In this setup, if the live server fails, the backup server takes over. This is also often referred to as failover cluster configuration.

To setup a failover cluster, the Ozeki Cluster software has to be installed on both the live and the backup server. Every 10 seconds the two servers ping each other to find out if the other server is on-line. If one of the computers finds out that the other one is not accessible, it alerts the system administrators using e-mail, sms or voice calls. In addition to making the alert, the Cluster software takes immediate action and starts the configured service(s) on the backup node automatically.

More information is available at the Ozeki Cluster product page.

Ozeki Bulk Messenger

Ozeki Bulk Messenger

Use Bulk Messenger to send SMS, E-mail and Voice messages. Select the best message format for the content you wish to deliver.

Ozeki Builk Messenger is a professional Bulk SMS, E-mail and Voice Call System. It allows you to import your contacts from various sources, and deliver personalized information. This is a great multi channel communication tool. It is efficient if you want to push messages to a large contact list.

One of the advantages of Ozeki Bulk Messenger is it's ability to import contact lists form various sources. Contact lists are called address books. You can create address books from Microsoft Excel (xls) files, from text or csv files, you can use contact information in an SQL database, and of course you can enter the contact list on the Graphical user interface. The address book feature also allows you to combine multiple address books into one.

Since this tools is optimized to deail with very large address books, message sending is organized into jobs. You can have multiple jobs running at the same time, and you can keep track of the progress of each job. What's more you still have the ability to see the message delivery history of each individual message, which might be handy if somebody complains that he did not receive the message.

More information about Ozeki Bulk Messenger is available at https://send-bulk-sms.com.

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