In this article, you can find information about the available services on Such as what are they used for and what benefits they bring you. We use portal to keep in touch with our customers, and provide them assistance if they need it.

Ozeki Web Services

The following picture shows you our services within With the Install services button in the upper right corner, you can list the services that are not installed on and you do not use.

Profile: With this service, you can give all the necessary information that is required, such as your e-mail address, phone number etc. Most importantly you can change your password. You are also given the option to set up a profile picture.

Chat: This service is very important as it is used for maintaining communication with our customers. You can use it for chat.

Inbox: You can send and receive messages in the inbox. Furthermore, you can also attach attachments alongside your messages.

Products: You can register your purchased products. By doing so you are eligible for various services, such as support services and downloading the latest versions of on-premise products. You can also download the apps for both Android and iPhone phones to get notifications and work more efficiently.

Card: You can use this service to share your details with a friend or business partner, digitize and register your existing cards. You can use a QR code, a TAP on your phone, or you can send your card in SMS or E-mail.

QR code: You can create Smart QR codes using the Ozeki QR Code Generator. You can gain access to a variety of advantages and opportunities for your professional or personal usage. services
Figure 1 - Services offers you a wide variety of valuable services designed to help you. For example offer you essential assistance when required and keep you up-to-date about the newest information. Try our Card or QR code services! Use the QR codes to install the Ozeki App on your phone to get chat notifications immediately. To be able to fully enjoy the opportunities Ozeki can bring you, installing services on is for sure the first step you need to take.