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Installation guide Installation guide | Ozeki 10 service Ozeki 10 service

Installation on Windows distribution (Click for LINUX)

After you have downloaded Ozeki 10, you need to unzip and install the file.

In the installer's directory, double click on the exe to install it. A dialogue box will appear with information about the software. Click on 'Next' to continue (Figure 1).

Ozeki 10 installer's welcome page
Figure 1 - The installer's welcome page

The following box contains the 'License Agreement'. Please read it carefully. If you accept the terms and conditions please click 'I Agree'. (Figure 2).

Ozeki 10's license agreement
Figure 2 - License Agreement

Please select the directory where to install Ozeki 10. With the 'Browse...' button you can change the path. To start installation, please click 'Install' (Figure 3).

The location of the installation
Figure 3 - Selecting path for the installation

During installation, please create admin user and click 'Next' (Figure 4).

The created password
Figure 4 - Creating 'admin' password

Click 'Finish' after installation (Figure 5).

Figure 5 - Finishing installation

Ozeki 10's service starts.

The browser GUI opens in your default webbrowser. Please type the 'admin' user credentials to use Ozeki 10 (Figure 6).

Ozeki 10 login screen
Figure 6 - Logging into Ozeki 10 as 'admin'

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