Install Ozeki 10 on Android Phone

On this page you will find detailed information about how to install Ozeki 10 on Android Phone. You will know how to get the APK installer, how to install and access the GUI and log in into Ozeki 10 from a web browser.

In order to install Ozeki 10, your phone needs to run at least Android 5.0 (Lollipop). You can check the version number under 'Settings / About your phone / Android version' section. This path may be different depending on the user interface of your phone.

Step 1: Check in unknown sources

The Ozeki 10 APK installer can be downloaded from the official Ozeki site you will see in the next step, and not from the Google Play. Due to this, you need to check in the 'Unknown sources' option on your phone. This option is usually located in the Settings' 'Security' section. One possible option can be seen in Figure 1.

checking in unknown sources
Figure 1 - Checking in unknown sources

Step 2: Download the installer

The latest release of Ozeki 10 can be downloaded from To download the latest APK installer for Android, you need to click on the com.ozeki.ozeki10-Signed.apk link as Figure 2 shows below. We recommend you to always install the latest APK. The latest one includes the latest features and improvements. Once the download is complete, tap Open to start the installation.

downloading the ozeki apk installer
Figure 2 - Downloading Ozeki 10 APK installer

Step 3: Install Ozeki 10

Your phone will show you the permissions that Ozeki 10 needs to be installed (Figure 4). It requires permissions for all of your call and SMS functions and even the front and rear camera functions for recording or filtering the camera views. Ozeki is capable to handle VoIP PBX accounts, SMS Gateways as well as SMPP SMS server accounts. You will allow it to read and modify the SD card as well as your contact list. Ozeki will also have rights to access the gyroscope state and even the GPS coordinates. It will see the call state of your smart device too. These privileges are essential for the proper functioning of Ozeki 10.

installing ozeki on android
Figure 4 - Installing Ozeki 10 on Android

Step 4: Start Ozeki 10 service

To access the GUI of Ozeki 10, you need to start the service by tapping the 'Start service' button. It will take some seconds. If it is started, you will see all the details under the 'Desktop login' label (highlighted in Figure 6) you need to log in into Ozeki 10. The first is the URI which through you can access the GUI. It is consists of the IP address of your phone and port 9505. You can also access the GUI from other phones or computers if they are connected to the same LAN as the phone the Ozeki 10 installed on. Below you can see the generated password for the admin user you can use to log in. To open the GUI, tap the URI link.

starting ozeki 10 service
Figure 6 - Starting Ozeki 10 service

Step 5: Open the GUI

By opening the URI link, you will see the login screen. Please log in using the credentials you got to know during the previous step. After successful login, you will see the Ozeki Desktop page. On this desktop, you can see shortcuts to some applications such as Contol Panel, File Manager and Snap. The Control Panel is a very important component of Ozeki 10. Here you can create connections, routes between connections, new users, configure the system settings etc. To access all the installed applications, please navigate to the Start menu and select the Programs option (demonstrated in Figure 7).

accessing the gui
Figure 7 - Accessing the GUI