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Activating Ozeki 10 License

This page explains how you can activate the Ozeki 10 software.

To be able to use Ozeki 10, you need to purchase and activate it. When you have purchased it, you can activate it using the serial number you have received from Ozeki. Without activation, you can only use the software in trial mode for 14 days. The trial mode does not require activation.

You can activate the program using the graphical user interface of the program.

Step 1: Login to the GUI of Ozeki 10

You can login to the graphical user interface with the username of admin and the password you have provided during the installation process.

Step 2: Select Product activation menu

To start the activation procedure, click on the Start button, then select the Help and Product activation menu.

Step 3: Provide the serial number

On the next page you need to provide your serial number into the Serial No. textbox then click on Activate button.

Step 4: Verify the product activation result

If you have provided your serial number correctly you will see that your activation code has accepted and you can use the full version of the product without limitations.

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