How to backup and restore your data

The following quick guide will show you the way, how you can make a backup of your Ozeki data, and how you can quickly restore it in case something went wrong in your Ozeki system in a few simple steps.

Make a backup of your Ozeki Data

To make a backup of all your Ozeki data, first, you have to stop the Ozeki Installer service on your computer. For that, you need to open Windows Service Manager. You can do it by pressing Win + R on your keyboard, and here type services.msc like in Figure 1 in click on OK.

open windows service manager
Figure 1 - Open Windows Service Manager

Here, in Windows Service Manager please find the Ozeki Installer service in the list of services installed on your computer. if you found that, click on it, and then, as Figure 2 shows it, click on Stop to stop the running of the service.

stop ozeki installer service
Figure 2 - Stop Ozeki Installer service

After you stopped the Ozeki Installer service, you need to find the Data folder of Ozeki Installer. For that, open File Explorer and select Program Files (Figure 3).

open program files
Figure 3 - Open Program Files

In Program Files, you can see the list of the applications installed on your computer. Now, as you can see it on Figure 4, you need to select the Ozeki folder from that list.

select the ozeki folder
Figure 4 - Select the Ozeki folder

In Ozeki folder, you can find all the folders that contain to your installed Ozeki system. Now you need to open the Installer folder as Figure 5 shows it.

open installer folder
Figure 5 - Open Installer folder

Here you can find the Data folder, that you need to backup. To perform that action, first please compress that folder as Figure 6 demonstrates it by right clicking, select Send to, and finally click on Compressed (zipped) folder. This action will create a compressed folder on your desktop.

create a compressed data folder of ozeki installer
Figure 6 - Create a compressed Data folder of Ozeki Installer

These compressed backups should be collected in your MyBackups folder, that can be found on the root directory of your local disk. If you do not have got this folder on your computer, just simply create a new one there. If you found that directory, please open it like on Figure 7.

open your mybackups directory
Figure 7 - Open your MyBackups directory

In this folder, now you can collect your Ozeki data backups. So, please drag and drop the zipped Data folder from the desktop to the MyBackups folder as Fiogure 8 shows it. With this action, now you have got a designated place for your Ozeki backups.

move your backup to mabackups folder
Figure 8 - Move your backup to MaBackups folder

After you finished creating the backup, now you can restart your Ozeki service. For that, open the Windows Service Manager the way that was previously shown on Figure 1 and select the Ozeki Installer service. Here, as you can see it on Figure 9, click on Start, and now you can use your Ozeki system again.

restart your ozeki installer service
Figure 9 - Restart your Ozeki Installer service

Restore Ozeki data from the backups

To restore your data to your Ozeki Installer demands similar actions as the creation of your backup. So, first please open Windows Service Manager by pressing Win + R and type services.msc as Figure 10 demonstrates it, and click OK.

open windows service manager
Figure 10 - Open Windows Service Manager

In the service manager, select the Ozeki Installer service from the list of your services, and like on Figure 11, stop the service by clicking on Stop.

stop ozeki installer service
Figure 11 - Stop Ozeki Installer service

To restore your data, first you need a backup to perform this action. Your Ozeki backups can be found in the MyBackups folder. So, please open your File Explorer and as Figure 12 shows it, open the MyBackups folder on your local disk's root directory.

open the mybackups folder
Figure 12 - Open the MyBackups folder

Here, in MyBackups folder the previously collected backups can be found, and these backups are ready to perform the restore action. So, please copy the zipped Data folder the way as Figure 13 shows it by right clicking on it, and select Copy.

copy your zipped backup folder
Figure 13 - Copy your zipped backup folder

In the next step, you have to paste the copied backup data to your Ozeki Installer folder. So first, like in Figure 14, open your Program Files folder.

select your program files folder
Figure 14 - Select your Program files folder

Next, open your Ozeki folder in the Program Files directory as Figure 15 demonstrates it.

open your ozeki folder
Figure 15 - Open your Ozeki folder

After that, as you can see it on Figure 15, open the Installer directory where you need to restore your data.

select the installer directory
Figure 16 - Select the Installer directory

In the Installer folder you can see the Data folder that you have to replace with the backup. for that, please right click in the folder, and select Paste (Figure 16), and with this action, now your backup is in the right folder.

paste the backup in the installer folder
Figure 17 - Paste the backup in the Installer folder

The backup is now placed in your Installer folder, but it still needs to replaced with the current Data folder. For that, you need to extract the backup in this directory. So, like in Figure 17, right click on the compressed backup folder, and select Extract All.

extract the zipped data backup
Figure 18 - Extract the zipped Data backup

As you can see it on Figure 18, a little conversation window popped up, where you have to specify the path of the extraction. That needs to be the folder of the Installer. When you have done with that, just click on Extact and overwrite the existing Data folder with the extracted backup.

extract the backup and overwrite the current data folder
Figure 19 - Extract the backup and overwrite the current Data folder

After the restoration of your data is completed, now you do not need to store a backup in the Installer folder, so you simply just delete it, as you can see it on Figure 19.

delete the backup folder
Figure 20 - Delete the backup folder

The very last step of the restoring is to restart your Ozeki Installer service. For that, open Windows Service Manager (Figure 10), and select Ozeki Installer from the list. To start the service, just click on Start as Figure 20 shows it.

restart the ozeki installer service
Figure 21 - Restart the Ozeki Installer service