You can download the latest version of Ozeki Installer by clicking on the link below. After download, you need to unzip it and run the installer in the zip package.

Ozeki Installer v10.4.18
Updated: 2024.01.07.

  1. New feature (SMS alerts): SMS network connections can be monitored and SMS messages can be sent when the monitored connection goes down
  2. New feature (E-mail alerts): SMS network connections can be monitored and E-mail messages can be sent when the monitored connection goes down
  3. New feature (WhatsApp alerts): SMS network connections can be monitored and WhatsApp messages can be sent when the monitored connection goes down

Ozeki Installer v10.3.205

  1. Improvement (SMPP): SMPP pdu encoding is imporoved
  2. Improvement (Task scheduler): The task scheduler app in the system is improved and some bugs in it were fixed

Ozeki Installer v10.3.204

  1. Improvement (SMS modem support): 4G and 5G SMS modem support is added to the system
  2. Improvement (SMS modem speed): Modem communication speed and SMS delivery speed accross all modems are improved
  3. Improvement (SMS character encoding): SMS character encoding on GSM modem links is improved

Ozeki Installer v10.3.201

  1. New feature (WhatsApp): The system now offers connection to WhatsApp. You can send and receive WhatsApp messages.
  2. New feature (SMS messenger): The SMS messenger GUI was significantly improved. On the new GUI SMS campaigns can be imported from Microsoft Excel Shet
  3. New feature (SMS delays): It is possible to send out SMS campaigns with delays between each SMS. This is great if you expect people to call you back. For example if you send out a text every 2 minutes the incoming phone calls will not overwhelm your call center.
  4. New feature (Silent SMS support): You can now send SMS messages that are not dislayed or saved on mobile devices. This technology is also called as ping sms, stealth sms or silent sms. The recipient of a silent SMS will not notice that he received a text. However a delivery report is returned to the sender. This is a great tool to monitor the on-line connectivity of IoT devices without interfearing with their standard operation.
  5. Improvement (SMS marketing integration): Integration with the Ozeki SMS marketing system available at platform was added
  6. Bug fix (Memory managment): A memory leak was found and fixed.
  7. Bug fix (SMS routing): On some systems the SMS routing failed after a certain amount of time in high message load environments. This problem was caused by a synchrnoization issue between threads. It happend on powerful CPUs that executed many threads simultaneously.
  8. Bug fix (SMS folders): Moving messages to the inbox was not possible in the message folder view. This bug is fixed
  9. Bug fix (Ozeki alarm): A compatibliity issue in the Ozeki Alarm system was fixed, that caused it to not work with newer SMS gateways

Ozeki Installer v10.3.193

  1. New feature (Delivery report matching): The a new form was added to the server preferences, that allow you to configure the delivery report matching policy. This allows you to select the appropriate delivery report storage architecture for your environment. Standard lists, B-Tree, Non-cached file storage can be selected.
  2. Improvement (Memory consumption): The memory consumption of the software is optimized to work with lower memory requirement.

Ozeki Installer v10.3.189

  1. New feature (Text to speech): The SMS Gateway can read out SMS messages on the PC speaker.
  2. New feature (Play sound): The SMS Gateway can play a beep sound on the PC speaker if an SMS messages is sent or received (depending on configuration).
  3. New feature (Play audio file): The SMS Gateway can play an audio file (e.g.: mp3, wav, etc) on the PC speaker if an SMS messages is sent or received.
  4. Improvement (SMS delivery report matching): The SMS delivery report matching engine has been improved

Ozeki Installer v10.3.186

  1. Improvement (Boot time): The startup sequence was improved to offer faster load times
  2. Improvement (Bulk messenger): The Bulk messenger has been improved to allow simultaneus job execution
  3. Improvement (Bind limits): The number of allowed simultatnous TCP/IP links per user can be limited on SMPP connections. This feature is useful for SMPP service providers
  4. Improvement (SMS connecttions): The type selection for SMS connections became better. New SMS service providers were added and the presentation of them was improved to find the appropriate SMS connection type easier.

Ozeki Installer v10.3.183

  1. New feature (Android SMS Logging): The communication with the Android SMS client is now logged fully. This allows better system management.
  2. Improvement (REST): The segmentation and reassembly (SAR) protocol layer was removed from the REST SMS clients. This layer was never used, since these SMS service providers perform this functionlity.
  3. Improvement (MADAPI): Small improvements and optimizations were done on the MADAPI SMS client

Ozeki Installer v10.3.179

  1. New feature (HTTP API): The HTTP API response can be configured to include the DTD header.
  2. Improvement (Security): Some security updates have been implemented.
  3. Improvement (Android): Commincation with the Android SMS client became more efficient.
  4. Bug fix (VoIP): The VoIP instant messaging was not working properly on all devices. This poblem has been fixed.

Ozeki Installer v10.3.173

  1. Improvement (SMPP/Security): The TLS version can be configured for this connection type.
  2. Improvement (UCP/Security): The TLS version can be configured for this connection type.
  3. Improvement (CIMD2/Security): The TLS version can be configured for this connection type.

Ozeki Installer v10.3.171

  1. New feature ( The Ozeki account is now integrated with
  2. Improvement (Cluster): The custom connection string configuration data is preserved during cluster takeovers and server restarts

Ozeki Installer v10.3.166

  1. Improvement (Database reporting): The database reporting feature has been improved to provide longer timeouts for slow database connections
  2. Improvement (Oracle): The database messaging feature has been improved to allow automatic database connection reestablishment in case of broken database links. This is especially important for Oracle databases.

Ozeki Installer v10.3.163

  1. Improvement (Chat protocol): A new chat protocol was introduced in this version. This protocol uses JSON/HTTP REST requests to communicate with the chat server, and can be supported by web based apis and mobile clients

Ozeki Installer v10.3.161

  1. New feature (Message scheduler): A new app is added to the system, that allows you to setup scheduled messages. You can define a calendor of holidays, business days/etc, and use working hours, and period events to setup your scheduled messaging jobs
  2. Improvement (Log system): New connections are logging to the correct locations. Log files are removed after connection uninstallation. Several bugs and performance enhancements have been done in the logging system
  3. Improvement (Chat system): The chat subsystem is improved to offer JSON/REST API access

Ozeki Installer v10.3.159

  1. Bug fix (Character encoding): A character encoding issue was fixed. It was effecting unicode characters on SMPP links

Ozeki Installer v10.3.158

  1. Improvement (SMS): The Sender ID can be adjusted in the Autoreply system
  2. Improvement (Chat client): The chat client can connect to multiple servers

Ozeki Installer v10.3.157

  1. Improvement (Installer): The installer package has been improved

Ozeki Installer v10.3.154

  1. Improvement (HTTP API): The HTTP API performance has been improved and several bugs were fixed
  2. Improvement (P2P): The P2P messaging capabilities were improved

Ozeki Installer v10.3.141

  1. Improvement (GUI): The graphical user interface was improved to provide better response times.
  2. Improvement (SQL SMS): The SQL console of the SQL to SMS connection is improved to track configuration changes in the database connections

Ozeki Installer v10.3.140

  1. Improvement (SMS Database): The database messaging feature has been improved. The sender and recipient phone numbers of SMS messages are stripped from special characters. For example phone numbers in the form +441234567@% are now inserted as +441234567.
  2. Improvement (SMS Database): Four new keywords can bed used in the SQL templates for both incoming and outgoing SMS messages: $fromconnection, $fromaddress, $toconnection and $toaddress. For example in SMS messaging the $fromconnection and $twoconnection contains the names of the SMS service providers used to send and receive the SMS. The $fromaddress and $toaddress contain the sender and recipient phone numbers. This new feature can be used to have more information about each message.
  3. Improvement (Cache): The client side caching of JavaScripts serving the graphical user interface (GUI), has often led to problems. This cache mechanism is improved, to make sure, that always the latest Javascripts are used in the browsers.

Ozeki Installer v10.3.139

  1. Improvement (Security updates): A major security review of the system was performed, and several features were updated to provide better security.
  2. Improvement (Http connections): The HTTP client connections were improved. Now all SSL/Tls versions are supported and negoiated properly, and the SSL client and SSL server servtificate verification is customizable
  3. Bug fix (Smaller bugs): Several smaller bugs related to SMS forwarding are fixed.

Ozeki Installer v10.3.131

  1. Improvement (Oracle): The Oracle database capability was improved to handle columns with large data sizes.

Ozeki Installer v10.3.130

  1. New feature (SMPP): The address range parameter of SMPP bind requests can be adjusted independently of the primary phone number of the connection
  2. New feature (Autoreply): Messages going through the autoreply look can now ask for delivery reports
  3. Improvement (Security): Security updates were implemented.

Ozeki Installer v10.3.123

  1. Improvement (SSL certificates): The SSL certificates have been updated, because of expired dates
  2. Improvement (GUI components): The performance of some GUI elements were improved
  3. Bug fix (Minor bugfixes): Several smaller bugs were fixed

Ozeki Installer v10.3.122

  1. New feature (Text to speech): The robot developer app got text to speech capabilities
  2. New feature (Safe logging): You can configure the system to hide phone numbers and message text in the logs.
  3. Improvement (Uninstall button): The uninstall button was removed in the sms messenger app for standard users.
  4. Improvement (Android): The SSL key management on Android phones are improved
  5. Improvement (Android): Unnecessary permission requests are removed on Android
  6. Improvement (Database messaging): The sms from database feature is improved. The logging is better.
  7. Improvement (Service list): The advanced/services form of the SMS gateway displays more information now.
  8. Bug fix (Database messaging): Periodic folder cleanup did not work for SQL messaging. It is fixed.
  9. Bug fix (Http user): Periodic folder cleanup did not work for the HTTP user. It is fixed.
  10. Bug fix (Http user): The XML response could not handle XML specific characters, such as tags and quotes. It is working now.
  11. Bug fix (Browser cache): On mac laptops, the browser cache management had a problem, that needed a workaround. Some user pages were loaded from cache instead of the sms software.

Ozeki Installer v10.3.120

  1. Improvement (Compatibility): This version has several compatibility improvements with older Ozeki versions
  2. Bug fix (Datbase ID): A bug was fixed in the SQL reporting related to database IDs

Ozeki Installer v10.3.118

  1. Bug fix (Vresion compatibility): The previous version had a compatibility issue with older versions. This is fixed.

Ozeki Installer v10.3.116

  1. New feature (HTTP REST API / message download): The json based http rest api got a new command, that allows you to download sms messages from the inbox of a particular user
  2. New feature (HTTP REST API / message delete): The json based http rest api got a new command, that allows you to delete sms messages from the inbox of a particular user

Ozeki Installer v10.3.111

  1. New feature (Ozeki REST API): The SMS subsystem was extended with a new HTTP API. This API allows you to send SMS messages with JSON encoded HTTP post requests. The old HTTP API is still in place, and we have no plans to discard it. Both APIs, the HTTP GET/xml based API and the HTTP POST/Json API will be supported long term
  2. New feature (HLR lookups): The SMS gateway can be configured to do HLR lookups for each SMS before it is sent. The HLR information can be used in routing and can be stored in the reporting database. More information is available in the how to do HLR lookups guide/li>
  3. Improvement (Logging): Some unneccessary log messages have been removed.
  4. Improvement (HTTP SMS API server side): Ozeki SMS Gateway is now able to accept HTTP requests in formats for various SMS service providers. If you are not happy with your current SMS service provider, and you wish to switch to Ozeki, you can do that without having to rewrite your code.You simply have to point to your Ozeki SMS Gateway HTTP API url. You can switch from Twilio, Infobip, Clicksend, Clickatell, Messagebird, Sinch, Telnyx, Vonage to Ozeki with ease.
  5. Bug fix (Memory leak): A memory leak has been fixed.

Ozeki Installer v10.3.110

  1. New feature (HTTP Rest client): A customizable HTTP REST sms api connection is added. To support custom JSON and native HTTP SMS client connections
  2. New feature (Sinch): A new sms service provider connection was added to allow direct connection to Sinch
  3. New feature (Clickatel): A new sms service provider connection was added to allow direct connection to Clickatel
  4. New feature (Vonage): A new sms service provider connection was added to allow direct connection to Vonage
  5. New feature (Infobip): A new sms service provider connection was added to allow direct connection to Infobip
  6. New feature (Clicksend): A new sms service provider connection was added to allow direct connection to Infobip
  7. Improvement (Email to sms): The email to sms and sms to email features are improved, to support SMS addresses in the email subject line
  8. Improvement (Android SMS): The android permission settings are improved. The software runs with a smaller number of permissions.
  9. Bug fix (C# formula modifier): You can modify SMS messages with a C# algorithm. The C# algorithm can be added to a route in the routing table.
  10. Bug fix (SMS encryption): You can encrypt/decrypt sms messages with a pre shared key in the routing table. This feature had a bug, that is fixed.
  11. Bug fix (Android file manager): The Ozeki file manager on Android was not working properly. It is fixed.

Ozeki Installer v10.3.109

  1. Improvement (E-mail to SMS): Goggle mail support is improved
  2. Improvement (Text file user): The text file to sms feature did not request delivery report by default. This is fixed.
  3. Bug fix (GSM modem): The deliery report handling in the GSM modem had a bug, that was fixed.

Ozeki Installer v10.3.107

  1. New feature (HTTP REST API client): A new connection is created to send messages over HTTP REST API services. This connection can encode a message in JSON according to various specifiations. It makes it possible to post SMS messages as JSON requests to almost any HTTP REST API SMS service. User authentication (api keys, usernames, passwords, etc) can be included as JSON variables, or they can be put into the HTTP request header. This in excellent implementation.
  2. New feature (HTTP REST API service): You can provide an HTTP REST API sms service to your users. The HTTP API of Ozeki 10 SMS gateway way improved to accept REST API requests. The users can encode their messages in JSON and post it to the built in Ozeki HTTP server. The Ozeki HTTP REST API is compatible with the request format of many SMS service providers, so switching to Ozeki from an existing service is very easy.
  3. New feature (Twillio client): A new service provider connection was added to make it easy to connect to the Twillio SMS service
  4. New feature (Telnyx client): A new service provider connection was added to make it easy to connect to the Telnyx SMS service
  5. Bug fix (GSM modem): The GSM modem could not receive multipart SMS messags properly due to an error. This bug is fixed.
  6. Bug fix (Android version): The logging on the SMS connections in the Android SMS Gateway was improved.
  7. Bug fix (POP3): The POP3 client and server was reviewed and some bugs were fixed. A disconnect/reconnect issue that was due to special characters in the username was fixed.

Ozeki Installer v10.3.105

  1. New feature (Credit limits): A new feature was added, that allows you to set one time or daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly credit limits for connections
  2. Improvement (HTTP API): The HTTP API was reviewed and several bugs were fixed
  3. Improvement (Android release): Tha android version has been improved.

Ozeki Installer v10.3.104

  1. Improvement (Android): Overall iomprovements and bugfixes in the Android version

Ozeki Installer v10.3.102

  1. New feature (Android): The first version of Ozeki 10 SMS Gateway for Android is released
  2. Improvement (HTTP API): The HTTP API evaluates URL templates better

Ozeki Installer v10.3.100

  1. Improvement (HTTP API): The HTTP API compatibilitiy with previous versions have been improved
  2. Bug fix (Database reporting): The database reporting details page did not work properly. This bug is fixed.

Ozeki Installer v10.3.99

  1. New feature (Android): The Ozeki SMS Gateway is now available for Android phones. It supports dual sim devices as well.
  2. Improvement (SMS): The delivery report matching has been improved.
  3. Improvement (Composer): The message composer form remembers the last phone number
  4. Bug fix (Message validity): The message validity period takes into account the scheduled date
  5. Bug fix (HTTP API): If multiple messages were sent on the HTTP API, the XML response was invalid. This is fixed.
  6. Compatibility (HTTP API): The HTTP API was improved to make it compatible with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

Ozeki Installer v10.3.97

  1. New feature (Uninstall button): Uninstall buttons were added to the connections, to make uninstallation easier
  2. Improvement (GUI): The MPM label is improved to provide accurate measurement for slow connections.
  3. Improvement (Ozeki Account): The Ozeki Account security has been improved
  4. Improvement (SMPP): The submit reference matching is improved. Delviery reports are metched with upper, lower and mixed case submit reference strings.
  5. Improvement (SQL persistence): The sql query evaluation is improved to provide more protection from SQL injection threats.
  6. Bug fix (Addrebook): The address book import feature had a bug, that prevented phone numbers being imported. This bug is fixed.
  7. Bug fix (GUI): The browsre cache prevented the update of the configuration form in some cases. A workaround was put in place to handle this issue

Ozeki Installer v10.3.95

  1. Bug fix (SMS): The configuration forms did not preserve some values. This bug is fixed.
  2. Bug fix (Chat): A bug could cause a message loop. This bug is fixed.

Ozeki Installer v10.3.90

  1. New feature (Context menu): The context menu was improved, to support file open with the right click
  2. Improvement (Addressing): There was an inconsistency in the addressing scheme. In a message therere are 3 types of addresses: station ID, connection ID, address. The station ID referes to the computer where the messages is coming from. The connection ID contains the name of the connection, for example SMPPlink1, the address contains the actual address, eg. +36123467. The inconsistency happened when the address field was empty. In this case, in some parts of the code the connection ID was inserted in place of the address, in other situations it was left empty. This inconsistency is resolved. The connection ID is NOT inserted into the address fieled if it is left empty. If you did not configure a default address for a connection (e.g. a default phone number in the SMPP link), make sure you have one configured now.
  3. Bug fix (Route link): The route name link did not work properly. It pointed to an invalid URL. It is fixed.

Ozeki Installer v10.3.88
Ozeki Installer v10.3.82

  1. New feature (Chat server): The chat server has been improved. The store and forward capability is much faster now.

Ozeki Installer v10.3.78

  1. Improvement (Chat): The chat client has been improved to support forms and HTML content.

Ozeki Installer v10.3.75

  1. New feature (SMTP server): The built in SMTP server now support SSL. Two methods can be used: STARTTLS and SSL / TLS.
  2. New feature (SMTP server): A new authentication method was added to the SMTP server. It can authenticate clients with a username present in the E-mail header. A special e-mail header field was introduced called x-ozeki-auth. And username and password can be provided in the following format: x-ozeki-auth: user; password
  3. Improvement (IMAP server): Microsoft Outlook support is added to the built in IMAP server. Outlook uses some non-standard parameters which are now supported in Ozeki
  4. Bug fix (Chat): The chat client displayed duplicate messages on some slow systems. This bug is fixed.

Ozeki Installer v10.3.73

  1. New feature (SQL reporting): SQL reporting used by SMS service providers is improved. A new tabpage was added to the SQL console (check the bottom), that allows manual modification of SQL templates used for querying the database.
  2. Improvement (Licensing): The product activation system removes trial license codes automaticall if active codes are enterd
  3. Improvement (Keepalive): The keepalive algorithm now monitors network traffic. It will only send out keepalive requests if there is no traffic for a configured amount of time on the link. This improves connection speeds on high capacity IP SMS links, because no keepalive traffic is generated under heavy loads.
  4. Improvement (SMS submit timeout): The submit timeout value of IP SMS connections have been increased from 10 seconds to 25 seconds. The change was applied to support providers accessed through very slow connections and to support providers who provide a slow service.
  5. Bug fix (Reporting database): The reporting database configuration form did not allow the password to be changed. If you have updated the password, it still tried to connect with the old. This bug is fixed.
  6. Bug fix (SMS outbox): In some routing configurations SMS messages could get stuck in the outbox of users. This bug is fixed.

Ozeki Installer v10.3.70

  1. New feature (Access): Microsoft Access support is added to make it easy to send/receive chat messages and sms messages from Access database tables.
  2. New feature (Excel): The HTTP API was improved to support Microsoft Excel. Now Micrsoft Excel can be used to send chat messages and sms messages. This feature is loved by office users, because they like to create excel spreadsheats with a list of phone numbers and messages texts. Now they can send message directly from Excel with the click of a button.
  3. Improvement (SMPP client): The delivery report matching feature of the SMPP client has been improved. In case the SMPP service provider returns the submit reference in lower case hex digits, and after this it returns the delivery report reference as an integer, the delivery report will be matched. (In the previous version we expected upper case hex representation. This version handles both: upper case and lower case)
  4. Improvement (Chat GUI): The chat GUI had some cosmetic improvements to make it look nicer
  5. Compatiblity (HTTP API): The compatibility of the HTTP API is improved to support HTTP clients developed to operate with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway.

Ozeki Installer v10.3.67

  1. New feature (Logs): Daily log rotation is introduced to save disk space
  2. New feature (SQL to chat): Chat messages can be sent from SQL databases
  3. New feature (HTTP to chat): Chat messages can be sent using HTTP requests
  4. Improvement (Logs): The log file names are updated to make them free of spaces and special characters
  5. Improvement (Control panel): The help section of the control panel app is improved

Ozeki Installer v10.3.65

  1. Improvement (P2Pl): The P2P network connection setup is improvied
  2. Improvement (Routing): The advanced page of the routing match conditions did not make it possible to install new custom conditions. This issue is resolved. Now you can install and configure custom matching conditions
  3. Bug fix (Routing GUI): The text matching routing rule GUI did not provide correct examples for matching patterns. The examples are corrected.
  4. Bug fix (UCP connection GUI): The GUI had two configuration tabs. Now there is only one.

Ozeki Installer v10.3.63

  1. Improvement (P2P stack): The link setup between chat clients and the server discovery was improved.

Ozeki Installer v10.3.54

  1. New feature (Installer): A new dialog window is created to help you follow the progress of the installation from the app store
  2. Improvement (Installer): The ozeki store / installer feature now downloads all components before it starts the installation. The previous version did the two steps simultaneously, which could lead to errors in case of instable network environments.
  3. Improvement (P2P): The chat network link setup functionality is improved.
  4. Improvement (P2P): The chat server is improved. It allows simultaneous connections from multiple (e.g.: LAN and WAN ip-s).
  5. Improvement (Keepalive): The keepalive/automatic reconnect functionality is more intelligent in messaging connections, such as SMPP
  6. Bug fix (SMTP): The built in E-mail server (SMTP) had a bug, that prevented it to accept some e-mails. This bug is fixed.
  7. Bug fix (SMPP): The password box of the SMPP client did not work porperly. It is fixed.

Ozeki Installer v10.3.52

  1. Improvement (Security): The login form security is improved
  2. Improvement (Security): Remote chat clients are not allowed to commicate with local connections unless explicit permission is granted
  3. Improvement (Security): Chat users are only allowed to login on the local computer
  4. Improvement (Security): Friendships are not established automatically in the chat client
  5. Improvement (Security): Tunnels used for voice calls are not enabled by default
  6. Improvement (Ozeki account): The Ozeki Account app allows you to edit your security details, such as login e-mail, password, etc.
  7. Improvement (UDP): The UDP link management for all services based on UDP/IP is improved
  8. Bug fix (Keepalive): The automatic reconnect of lost network connections feature had a bug, that prevented the reconnection in some cases
  9. Bug fix (Imap): The Imap client had a bug, that is fixed.
  10. Bug fix (Database): The SQL query building had a bug, that is fixed. This prevented some SMS messages to be saved into the database. (Happened very rarely, but it had to be fixed)

Ozeki Installer v10.3.50

  1. New feature (Unified version numbers): The version numbers are synchronized accross Ozeki products, to help compatibility when multiple products are installed on the same computer. This is why you see a big jump in the versioning of some products.
  2. New feature (IMAP): We have implemented the IMAP client protocol. Now you can connect your system to e-mail servers through IMAP (both plain and SSL connections are supported). This allows you to create great e-mail gateway setups, such ash e-mail to chat or e-mail to SMS.
  3. New feature (SMS to Chat): If you install the Ozeki Chat server and the Ozeki SMS Gateway apps, you can chat with mobile phones in SMS. This gives the same experience you would get in a standard chat application.
  4. New feature (Email to Chat): If you install the Ozeki Chat server and the configure an IMAP or POP3 client connection, you can chat with e-mail contacts, as you would chat in a standard chat application
  5. Improvement (Chat): The chat transport now supports both UDP and TCP connections
  6. Bug fix (HTTP API): The HTTP API did not work because of an obfuscation error. This bug is fixed.

Ozeki Installer v10.1.115

  1. Bug fix (Friendship delete): If a P2P friendship was deleted, the information was not transfered to all clients. This bug is fixed.
  2. Bug fix (File transfer): The P2P file transfer for encrypted connections had a bug, that is fixed now.

Ozeki Installer v10.1.115

  1. New feature (SMPP user): On the SMPP user s config form, in the Advanced tab page in the delivery report group box you can select Hex formatted submit reporting. If you enable this option, the SMS submit reports returned to incoming SMS messages to your SMPP customers, will be in Hex format. Note that the delivery reports will contain the format as Integer numbers.
  2. Improvement (Delivery reports): Some SMPP providers return the submit reference in Hex format and the reference in the delivery report is sent by them in int format. Our previous SMS gateway, Ozeki NG SMS Gateway were able to handle this setup, it could match delivery reports in this case. This functionality was added to the SMPP client connections in Ozeki 10. If you use SMPP SMS connections in this product, and you experienced problems with delivery reports, this fix will solve the problem.
  3. Improvement (Password form): The appearance of the password change form is improved
  4. Bug fix (Memory leak): Another memory leak was discovered, that could impact long term operations. This is fixed.

Ozeki Installer v10.1.114

  1. New feature (Automatic updates): Automatic updates are available from this version on.
  2. New feature (Chat): If P2P communication is used availabilty of remote parties are handled more efficiently
  3. Improvement (Logging): The overall quality of log entries have been improved. Several meaningless leg entries were removed from the logging system.
  4. Improvement (Text to speech): The text to speech capability is improved. Now individual browsers and browser tab pages can be address to read out text.
  5. Improvement (Database reporting): The reporting system (e.g. reporting database) is not recording suplementary messages.
  6. Bug fix (Memory): A memory leak was discovered. It is fixed.
  7. Bug fix (Stability): An unexpected exception could occur during heavy network, that could cause the Ozeki service to stop unexpectedly. This bug is fixed.
  8. Bug fix (GUI): In cases of parallel GUI access some GUI components were duplicated on the screen. This bug is fixed.

Ozeki Installer v10.1.102

  1. Improvement (GUI): The graphical user interface has been improved.

Ozeki Installer v10.1.94

  1. Improvement (Performance): The overall performance of the Ozeki Installer System has been improved. You will experience faster display times, faster load times and a better installation experience.

Ozeki Installer v10.1.78

  1. Improvement (Installer): The uninstallation procedure is improved
  2. Improvement (Upgrade): The upgrade procedure is improved

Ozeki Installer v10.1.74

  1. New feature (Phone system): The Ozeki Phone System supports display name based dialing
  2. Improvement (Camera recorder): The camera recorder fixes invalid SDP packets. This means RTSP camera streams are handled in a more fault tolerant way

Ozeki Installer v10.1.70

  1. New feature (Camera Recorder App): The camera recorder app allows you to control ip cameras, usb cameras and other video sources. You may setup recording rules based on events, time schedules or other configurations.
  2. New feature (Classroom App): This app provides all the tools neccessary to teach online. It offers a digital white board, the teacher can share documents, and can hold presentations or synchronized video viewing. This app features a built in chat and and an audio and video conference.

Ozeki Installer v10.1.69

  1. New feature (SMS gateway): Windowing was added to support overrlapped processing and network transfer. This is a great performance boost for IP SMS gateway systems, such as SMPP gateway.
  2. Improvement (Phone system): Video support was improved relay calls
  3. New app (Ozeki classroom): The Ozeki Virtual Classroom is now available as an app for download

Ozeki Installer v10.1.65

  1. Bug fix (UCP connection): The XSER field encoding had a bug. It has been fixed in this new version.

Ozeki Installer v10.1.61

  1. Improvement (SMS Gateway): The speed of the SMS gateway is improved
  2. Improvement (Bulk Messenger): The Bulk Messenger GUI responsiveness is improved
  3. Bug fix (Chat Client): The Chat Client Exit on the taskbar will close all processes

Ozeki Installer v10.1.57

  1. Improvement (Chat system): The installation procedure of the chat client is improved

Ozeki Installer v10.1.53

  1. Improvement (Progress indictation): Better progress indication during the installation procedure

Ozeki Installer v10.1.51

  1. Improvement (Digital signatures): The digital signature handling has been improved.

Ozeki Installer v10.1.50

  1. Improvement (Security): The certificates used for digital signatures have been updated

Ozeki Installer v10.1.49

  1. Improvement (Installer upgrade): The installer upgrade procedure has been improved.
  2. Improvement (Delivery reports): The submit reference management for SMPP connections have been improved in the SMS gateway app.

Ozeki Installer v10.1.48

  1. New feature (Ozeki Phone Syste): This installer makes it possible to install the Ozeki Phone System

Ozeki Installer v10.1.47

  1. New feature (Delivery reports): The SMS delivery report tracking is better. The logs are improved to make it easy to find which message a certain delivery report belongs to
  2. New feature (SQL reporting): The SQL reporting to database feature is improved, to automatically write SQL commands into a text file to handle situations when the database server goes offline.
  3. Improvement (Folder management): The message folders are renamed to make it easier for the users to identify their roles. If messages are moved to the outbox folder, they will automatically be sent.

Ozeki NG SMS Gateway v10.1.36

  1. New feature ():
  2. New feature ():
  3. Improvement ():
  4. Improvement ():
  5. Bug fix ():
  6. Bug fix ():

Ozeki Installer v10.1.40

  1. SQL Reporting: The SQL reporting performance has been signifacantly improved to support message volumes up to 500 MPS (Messages Per Second) in real time. This is achieved by grouping SQL updates into batches.
  2. GUI: The performance of the graphical user interface has been significantly improved by introducing more control over client browser caching.
  3. Message delivery engine: The performance of the message deliery engine has been improved by automatically removing message sources, that are not ready to provide messages for submission.
  4. System load: The performance of system startup is significantly improved, by using parallel threading to load messages queues.

Ozeki Installer v1.1.36

  1. This is the first public release of Ozeki Installer. Ozeki Installer is a very easy to use software, that can be used to download, install and update your selected Ozeki products. Ozeki 10 offers many apps and features and this installer package will help you choose which ones you need. You can use this installer to setup the latest version of Ozeki SMS Gateway, Ozeki Chat, Ozeki Phone System and many other magnificent software packages.

Ozeki 10 v10.1.68

  1. New feature (IMAP server): This version includes a fully featured IMAP server. This allows e-mail clients, such as Mozilla Thunderbird to access messages in Ozeki as they would access massages on an e-mail server. Multiple IMAP clients can access the same user account. This makes team cooperation easy
  2. Improvement (Multiple, custom queues): The system allows the user to create custom message folders (throught the IMAP protocol)
  3. Bug fix (UCP client): The sequence numbering of the UCP client connection had a bug. This was fixed.
  4. Bug fix (Chat): The built in chat system was improved. Several bugs were fixed.

Ozeki 10 v10.1.66

  1. New feature (PBX): The Ozeki Phone System app is included in this version. This is app will take over the functinality of the classic ozeki PBX available at
  2. Improvement (Chat): The built in chat server and chat client functionality is improved. Several bugs were fixed.
  3. Improvement (HTTP API): The HTTP API is improved to support PBX interactions and (SMS) mobile messaging

Ozeki 10 v10.1.51

  1. Improvement (Chat): Both the built in chat server and the chat clients have been improved. The chat provides a great user experience and is a great tool for teams to communicate securely
  2. Improvement (SMS): Several SMS protocols have been added. The SMPP, UCP, CIMD2, etc protocols work very well. They offer connectivity to the mobile network over IP. You can use secure (SSL/TLS) links.
  3. New feature (PBX): The first version of the Ozeki Phone System APP is included in this version. This app is not fit for production at the moment, but as a preview, it gives you an idea on how to use voip phone lines.
  4. New feature (File manager): We have added a great file manager app, which is fantastic, if you run Ozeki 10 on embedded systems, such as a Raspberry Pi.

Ozeki 10 v10.1.15

  1. Improvement (Linux + Raspberry Pi): The Linux package now works on both Intel based and Arm based Linux systems. You can install it on Ubuntu, Debian or a Rapsberry Pi. No separate package will be required from now on for Arm systems.
  2. Improvement (SSL Certificate Validation): The SSL layer was improved to support enhanced certificate validation for both client and server SSL connections. You can validate the remote party using a custom CA or using a trust chain derived from the system certificate store. This new features allows your to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks for secure connections. This improvement was added to the following SMS connections: SMPP Server, SMPP Client, CIMD2 Server, CIMD2 Client, UCP/EMI Server, UCP/EMI Client.
  3. Improvement (SSL Certificates Creation): The security app was improved to make it easier to create and sign SSL certificates. Now you can not only create and sign X509 certificates, but you can also specify the usage flags on the graphical user interface. This makes it easy for you to restrict how an issued certificate can be used. For example it can be setup for code signing or you can allow cert signing or encryption.

Ozeki 10 v10.1.11

This version was dedicated to improve the mobile messaging (SMS) capabilities of the platform. The major SMS protocols were added, to make direct connection possible over the Internet to SMS service providers. The SMS modem capabilities and SMS encoding and decoding capabilities were improved. Automatic SMS connection selection was also included.

  1. Improvements in the SMS Gateway app
  2. Improvements in the Lego connection
  3. Improvements in the SNAP programming app
  4. New feature: SMTP server service
  5. New feature: UCP server service
  6. New feature: CIMD2 server service

Ozeki 10 v10.1.0

  • New feature (UCP Server): This version includes an UCP SMS server. This service allows you to setup user accounts, that can connect over the network to your system, and can send and receive SMS messages.
  • New feature (UCP Client): This version includes an UCP SMS client. This UCP SMS client allows you to connect to SMS service providers using the UCP/EMI protocol and it allows you to send and receive SMS messages.
  • Improvement (SMS message folders): The message folders can be viewed in an e-mail client like fashion, in which all messages can be opened like an e-mail message. When an SMS message is opened, you can see the full delivery history and event log of the message, including the submit and delivery reports. These reports contain the submitted PDU-s and the message reference IDs returned by the GSM network or the SMS service provider.
  • Improvement (Android SMS support): If you install Ozeki 10 on Android mobile phones, the built in SMS client will work on phones using new Android versions as well (API Level 24+). This improvement was neccessary to enable SMS functionality on Samsung Galaxy S8, S9 and newer phone models.
  • Improvement (SNAP programming language): The SNAP programming language included in the software can be used for education. In this version this whole system was reviewed and made better. New blocks were added to extend the basic functionality, and overall performance, stability and responsiveness was improved.
  • Improvement (Android sensors): Support for new android hardware sensors were added to the system (more then twenty different sensors are supported now). These sensors can be accessed locally through local programming APIs, from SNAP, from databases or remotely using the Ozeki APIs.
  • Improvement (Lego robot sensors): In this version the Lego robot connection was improved to offer more features and to provide better access to the sensors and motors, that come with Lego Mindstorms EV3. These ipmrovement work well with the SNAP programming language. This is great for education.

Ozeki 10 v10.0.79

  • New feature (Lego EV3 support): This version offers full support for the Lego Mindstorms EV3 robot platform. This is great if you wish to use Ozeki 10 for robotics education. Ozeki 10 now gives you full access to the Lego Brick over a bluetooth connection, and it allows you to control following sensors: Ultrasonic sensor, Infrared sensor, Color sensor, Gyro sensor, Touch sensor. It also supports controlling the EV3 motors, and you can read out the motor encoder value to know at which angle a certain motor is. Of course the built in sensors of the EV3 brick are also supported: LED, LCD display and the built in buzzer.
  • New feature (Snap app): Lego Mindstorms EV3 support is now built into SNAP. This makes it easy to teach robotics programming with this fantastic, simple visual programming language. This new Lego EV3 extension offers simple building blocks to read sensor values and to control motors. It is fun and super easy to use.
  • New feature (Snap app): The snap app now supports gamepads. One or more gamepad can be connected and simple games can be created. The gamepad blocks can also be used with the Lego EV3 blocks to achieve simple robot control.
  • New feature (Snap app): The snap all will keep the code under construction in the editor persistently. Even if you shut down your computer, when it comes back again, the code will still be in the editor.

Ozeki 10 v10.0.78

  • New feature in the Windows version: Automatic camera discovery on all ONVIF IP cameras on your local network.
  • New feature in the Camera Recorder app: It is possible to export and import any camera configuration to xml or json format.
  • New feature in the Ubuntu and the Raspbian versions: All Ozeki Arduino libraries added to the Ozeki 10 linux versions. The libraries can be found at /usr/share/arduino/libraries.
  • New feature in the Android Chat Client: It has a new user interface.

Ozeki 10 v10.0.77

  • Improvement (SMS/SMS over Http): The HTTP server connection was improved to accept incoming HTTP SMS Client connections
  • New feature (Camera app): A list view was added to the camera manager app. The toolbar of the app has been improved.
  • New feature (Camera app): The camera images can be flipped horizontally and vertically and rotated.
  • Bug fix (Camera / license plate recognition): The license plate recognition did not work, because there was a bug int the computer vision library. This bug is now fixed
  • Improvement (Google maps connection): Multiple markers and text can be displayed on the map
  • Improvement (Google maps connection): GPS parsing, GPS coordinates from Android phones are parsed correctly and can be displayed on the map without modification
  • New (Windows location): Windows GPS and windows location sensors are now supported. You can use external USB GPS on windows or built in locations sensors, such the ones you can find on Surface tablets and laptops
  • Improvement (Chat server): The built in P2P chat server and P2P chat client is improved to support multiple domains.

Ozeki 10 v10.0.76

  • New feature (SMS Wall App): The SMS Wall toolbar got a Clear button, that allows you to clear the displayed SMS messages.
  • New feature (SMS Wall App): The messages on the SMS wall are saved to the disk, and are displayed again after power outage.
  • Improvement (SMS Wall App): If an SMS connection is installed in the SMS Wall app, no routing rule is needed. All SMS messages coming from the installed connection will be displayed on the wall.
  • Bug fix (SMS Wall App): The message highlighting on the wall had a bug. The highlight flag was lost on server reboot.
  • New feature (Camera recorder App): The camera name and the date/time can be displayed on the video stream as an overlay.
  • New feature (Camera recorder App): Recording can be forwarded as e-mail.
  • Improvement (Camera recorder App): A more user friendly toolbar has been created for the camera recorder app.
  • Improvement (All connections): The message preview now displays both the sender/recipient address and sender/recipient connection information.
  • Bug fix (SMPP SMS connection): The SMPP IP SMS connection had a bug, that could occur when multipart SMS messages were received. This bug is now fixed.
  • Bug fix (GSM Modem SMS connection): Low level logging is improved (and switched to disabled by default on the config form).

Ozeki 10 v10.0.75

  • Improvement/camera recording app: New recording options are available for every camera (All IP cameras and USB cameras). Full screen viewing option was added to every camera (IP cameras and USB cameras).
  • New feature/camera recording app: The split view camera device was implemented that allows you to display 4, 9, 25 or more camera streams on a single monitor. The split view camera works as any standard camera, so all options (snapshot, recordings, etc), that you can use for standard USB and IP cameras are available on the split view camera stream as well.
  • Bug fix / bulk messenger app: The bulk e-mail feature had a bug in reporting. It did not report properly whether an e-mail was sent or not. This bug is fixed.
  • Improvement / Modbus protocol: Support for new modbus devices are added to the system including impulse counters for smart energy meters.

Ozeki 10 v10.0.74

  1. Improvements/Bugfixes: The Ozeki Bulk Messenger App has been improved to support call progress indication, and several bugs have been fixed.
  2. New feature: Browser Gamepad Connection. A new connection type is available to allow you to control bluetooth gamepads through webbrowsers on mobile phones and desktops.
  3. New feature: Browser Orientation connection. A new connection is available that can be used to report the orientation of a mobile phone. This is useful for Virtual and Augmented Reality robot applications.
  4. New feature: Camera recording app. The new camera recording App included in this version, allows you to record video from USB and IP cameras. One of the best features of this new app, is that it supports pre and post event recording. This means, that it continuously caches the video stream, and if an alarm or any other event is triggered, it can store the video recording before and after the event. For example if an incident takes place at 3p.m. you will have a recording of the period from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.
  5. New feature: Task scheduler app. We have added an advanced task scheduler app, that allows you to schedule periodic message sending. You can select, minutes, hours, day of month, month of year and day of week periods. You can also setup a calendar for business days, school holidays, etc and take into account the days defined in your calendar when you create a scheduled task. We use this task scheduler in our office to control the building (hot water, lights, power, etc). This is a very cool feature.
  6. New feature: Modbus connection. Now you can use Modbus devices on RS485 and Modbus TCP (Modbus over IP) connections. The software supports both Modbus ASCII and Modbus RTU modes on the link. This feature can be used to communicate with any Modbus capable device. We have built in native support for Modbus Realy-s, Modbus Temperature sensors, Modbus smart electricity meters, and smart Input Output (I/O) units.
  7. Improvement: The car number plate recognition connection is improved. It works very well for European and American number plates.
  8. Ozeki 10 v10.0.73

    • Improvement in GSM Modem and SMPP connections.
    • Improvement in Bulk Messenger function.
    • Improvement in Robot controller function on Linux versions.
    • Improvement in USB camera handling on Linux versions.

    Ozeki 10 v10.0.72

    • New feature: License plate recognizer allows you to recognize license plate numbers on your camera feed.
    • New feature: Barcode scanner is capable of recognizing and reading barcodes or QR codes on your camera feed.
    • New feature: Motion detector allows you to detect motion of people or moving objects.
    • New feature: Face detector allows you to detect faces on your camera feed.
    • New feature: Circle detector allows you to detect circles on your camera feed.
    • New feature: Frame capture filter allows automatic frame capturing periodically between a specified time interval.

    Ozeki 10 v10.0.71

    • Improvement in Text to Speech engine.
    • New feature: Database polling can be switched on and off in database messaging.
    • New feature: If multiple arduino devices are attached with the same id the system will automatically switch to the last attached device.
    • New features: Ozeki Chat client can be configured to start with windows.
    • Installation speed has been improved.
    • Message delivery speed has been improved.

    Ozeki 10 v10.0.70

    • New feature: Text to speech function. Using this Text to Speech connection allows you to read out text in your browser window.
    • New feature: Orientation sensor. It allows you to be notified of changes in the orientation of your device from your browser window.

    Ozeki 10 v10.0.69

    • New feature: Web Speech to Text connection allows you to recognize speech from your web browser window.
    • Bugfix in the installer of Linux version.
    • Bugfix in the SMS Gateway function.

    Ozeki 10 v10.0.68

    • Download Ozeki 10 for your Windows or Linux PC, or your Raspberry Pi or your Android smart phone. It allows you to build an advanced system based on messaging. It is an excellent tool for creating high performance business messaging systems or to control robots or industrial equipment.

    Ozeki 10 v10.0.67

    • Cluster feature is considered stable (ready for production).
    • New feature: End to end encryption for file transfer in Chat client
    • SMS Gateway feature is under major reconstruction (at this point it is unstable).

    Ozeki 10 v10.0.66

    • Android and Linux software versions are available from this version.
    • Chat feature is considered stable (ready for production).
    • SMS Gateway feature is under major reconstruction (at this point it is unstable).

    Ozeki 10 v10.0.65

    • Improvement in the delivery report handling of the SMPP service provider connection.
    • Improvement in the HTTP Client service provider connection. It is possible to use TLS v1.2 from this version.
    • Please note, that this release is still considered a preview. For production systems, at this point we still recommend you to use Ozeki NG SMS Gateway 4.15.0.

    Ozeki 10 v10.0.64

    • This version provides a brand new user interface for the SMS gateway features. Although this interface looks similar to Ozeki NG SMS Gateway v4.15, it uses a component driven - state of the art - GUI engine to serve the content. To see this engine in action open the "Server load" page in the "View" menu of the SMS Gateway app. You will be amazed at the real time information updates and at the way the information is presented. This user interface uses AJAX over HTTPS and Secure websocket technology.
    • This version also includes a HTTP API tester application, that allows our customers to perform a full test of our HTTP API. The install package contains the executable and the full .NET source code of this tester application. It is a very useful tool if you wish to test unicode character support through the HTTP API. It will allow you to verify our support of russian, chinese, japanese, hebrew and arabic characters. The HTTP API tester tool (and the source code) can be found in the following directory after installation: C:/Program Files/Ozeki/Ozeki10/ClientSoftware
    • Please note, that this release is still considered a preview. For production systems, at this point we still recommend you to use Ozeki NG SMS Gateway 4.15.0.

    Ozeki 10 v10.0.63

    • The stored data and all configuration files have been moved to a unified data directory to make it easier to do backup and restore.
    • The HTTP API is improved.
    • The Excel SMS client is updated to be compatible with the previous Ozeki NG SMS Gateway version, and the new port Ozeki 10 HTTP API
    • Logfile management is improved
    • Secure HTTP access (HTTPS) to the built in graphical user interface had an issue with the SSL Certificate. This problem is fixed.
    • This release is considered a preview. For production systems, at this point we recommend you to use Ozeki NG SMS Gateway 4.15.0.

    Ozeki 10 v10.0.62

    • We are proud to announce the first public release of Ozeki 10. This is our new, amazing SMS gateway software. It is the successor of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. It has fantastic features, such as a built in peer to peer (P2P) chat system, which we believe is better then Skype. It allows communication with people and devices over the Internet using secure, high performance messaging.
    • This release is considered a preview. For production systems, at this point we recommend you to use Ozeki NG SMS Gateway 4.15.0.