Ozeki offers leading technology in the field of mobile communication and hardware control. Check out the capabilities our SMS and VoIP PBX prodcuts offer! If you are building hardware, the robotoics section, the Arduino examples and the Modbus and M-Bus sections might be of interest to you.

Find information about how to add SMS text messaging functionality to your organization's IT network. SMS is a great tool because it works on all phones including smart phones and traditional mobiles without installing any app. SMS messages can be easily sent or received through Ozeki software products. Ozeki NG SMS Gateway is the company's most famous software product for SMS messaging.
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PBX systems
Ozeki offers voice and video over IP products, such as the VoIP SIP SDK, the Camera SDK and Ozeki 10. These VoIP PBX systems are compatible with Ozeki products. You can see some configuration examples for the most popular VoIP PBX systems like Asterisk, 3CX or OZEKI Phone System XE.
Supported VoIP PBX systems by Ozeki
Ozeki software products can connect your company's database through various types of database drivers like ODBC, OLEDB, MySQL, Oracle, MSAccess. You will find a list of supported database drivers and information on how to use them to add your database server. You can store anything collected by Ozeki software products, although you can store outgoing messages as well like SMS text messages, Emails and Tweets.
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It is an application-layer messaging protocol, positioned at level 7 of the OSI model. It provides client/server communication between devices connected on different types of buses or networks. MODBUS is a reliable technology that continues to enable millions of automation devices to communicate. The support for the elegant structure of MODBUS continues to grow. MODBUS is a request/reply protocol based on function codes.
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The M-Bus was developed to fill the need for a system for the networking and remote reading of utility meters, for example to measure the consumption of gas or water in the home. This bus fulfills the special requirements of remotely powered or battery-driven systems, including consumer utility meters.
Learn what M-Bus is and what kind of devices to connect
Build the hardware then upload Ozeki 10 to control your robot with the Robot Controller application. Building a robot is a complex task. It is fun, although it requires a lot of learning. There is no university course that will teach every step you need. The good news is that you can master the skills on your own. In this guide you can learn the basics. The video tutorial will make it a great adventure. Let's get started.
Learn to build robots with video tutorials
Upload codes to your Arduino
Plug the Arduino to your computer. Make sure your computer is running Ozeki 10. Upload the required Ozeki Arduino libraries through the Arduino Development Environment. All electronic devices can automatically connect to your OZEKI 10 software. For example buttons, NFC readers or LCD displays.
Upload codes to your Arduino