M-Bus (Master Bus)

Utility meters can be easily read by using M-Bus technology, since it connects a network of devices to read them. With M-Bus technology you can measure gas or water consumption in your home by reading utility meters remotely. The slave devices can be powered remotely or with batteries.

Use M-Bus with the most popular connection types, like RS-232/422/485. Between the computer and the master device you can use a simple ethernet cable. Connect your computer to at least one smart meter device, so you can use the M-Bus protocol. It's a European standard accepted worldwide.
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Devices / Masters
Master devices are designed to control all slave devices on the M-Bus. Most Master devices can be placed between your computer and the slaves. But in a few cases your computer is the Master device. In this scenario communication goes through the COM port of the laptop or PC until it reaches the slave.
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