Commercial Information

This section contains information about the pricing, licensing, product support and other commercial related issues that may arise. You could find out about the license holder benefits and reseller partnership opportunities.

Customer related information:

     How to buy Ozeki 10
    You can purchase the Ozeki 10 license online. The ordering process is quick and easy. It only takes 3 steps. Select the desired product. Fill in the customer form to get the pricing information immediately. Make a purchase. The order will be delivered via e-mail.
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     Reseller Partners
    You can focus on developing and delivering for your customers, while we help you lower the integration costs. Your customers will recive more value through the Ozeki platform. The Ozeki products help people with only little skill in programming to create communication solutions with high efficiency.
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     Support on
    The Ozeki support allows you to get in touch with our technical department. You can submit a technical query, report a bug or recommend new software features. You can track the status of reported issues. When your reported bug is fixed you will automatically receive notification.
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    license holder benefits License holder benefits
    We can offer customers a wide range of benefits including: our communication software platform offers real-time communication with machines, people and software. These software will allow you to improve the productivity of your operations in the company.
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