Ozeki Smart Device Server

If you wish to operate a network of smart devices, you need a centeral computer/server to manage them. Ozeki Smart Device Server is exactly this. It allows you to maintain a list of the devices and it makes it easy for you to communicate with them. It can be scaled up very quickly from small device networks to very large device networks. To sum up what Ozeki can do in one sentence: It makes it possible to communicate with devices using messagrs.

Application areas

Control a building, a plant, a city or a country wide network by reading smart meters remotely and controlling them from a centeral location. This system is compatible with many smart electricity, gas, water and other meters.


- Remote readings over SMS
- Remote readings over Internet
- Local readings over LAN
- Local readings using Radio
- Local readings using Modbus
- Local readings using MBus
- Local readings using Serial


- Collect meter readings
- Scheduled meter readings
- On-demand meter readings
- Log meter online/offline status
- Remote error detection
- SMS notifications for customers
- SMS notifications for employees

Application backend

- Save readings into SQL database
- Save readings into text files
- Pass readings using HTTP API
- Example client in C#.Net
- Example client in Java
- Example client in Java

Robots and embedded systems

Robots and smart autonomous devices, such as vacuums cleaners, smart coffee machines contain a small built in PC. In most cases the CPU is ARM based and the built in PC runs Linux. Ozeki can be installed on such embedded Linux systems and it allows the device to communicate with the sensors and actuators.


- SMS capable electricity meters
- Internet capable electricity meters
- Modbus / RS485 electricity meters
- MBus electricity meters
- Electricity impulse counters
- Using cameras for electricity meters


- SMS capable gas meters
- Internet capable gas meters
- Modbus / RS485 gas meters
- MBus gas meters
- Impulse counters for gas meters
- Using cameras for gas meters


- SMS capable water meters
- Internet capable water meters
- Modbus / RS485 water meters
- MBus water meters
- Impulse counters for water meters
- Using cameras for water meters

Local communication hub for device networks

Ozeki can be used to control a local network of devices through radio or through a wired communication network. For example if you use radio, you can controll power outlets, window shades, radio controled lighting, garage doors or anything that comes with a radio remote controller. If you think about wired networks, think about ModBus or Ethernet networks, that can be used in Building automation, to control doors, read data from smart electricity meters, or control thermostats.

Data security

- What happens if the database goes offline?
- What happens if the smart meter goes offline?
- What happens if the smart meter server is down?
- How is the local communication hub protected?
- How is the Ozeki Smart Meter server protected?
- Are smart meter readings digitally signed?
- How can we manage digital signitures?

Operational security

- How to build a locally redundant system
- How to build a geographically redundant system
- How to do automatic backup/restore?
- How to detect system failures efficiently?
- How does Ozeki technical support service work?

Device cloud communication server

If you operate a large array of devices, you will want to use the Internet or the mobile network to communicate with them and to control them. In this setup you may install Ozeki into a cloud service (such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure), or you may install it on a Server in your office. In both cases you can login to Ozeki using your webbrowser, and see which devices in the network are on-line and you can exchange messages/files with them.

Voice calls

Ozeki 10 has a built in IVR system, that allows the engineers on the field to make a voice calls to query the status, registration number and other details of smart meters on the field. They can use the DTMF keypad of ther mobile phone to perform various tasks. The built in IVR can be customized to act according to the requirements of the backend application.


The engineers on the field can perform various tasks using SMS messages. SMS messages are a good option for areas, where mobile internet coverage is not available. Engineers can send various commands in SMS, and the system will automatically respond to them.

Smart phone app

Ozeki offers an easy to use chat based smartphone app, that allows your engineers on the field and login to perform various tasks. It uses the same messages, that are available in SMS or through the IVR system. This App can be used when mobile internet coverage is available.

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Release date: 2020.04.27.


Ozeki Smart Meter Server can be installed on Windows and Linux servers.

Ozeki 10
Windows Installation Guide
Ozeki 10
Linux Installation Guide

Free trial

Ozeki Smart Meter Server can be downloaded for evaluation purposes free of charge. The features are not limited, but there is a time limit of 10 days for evalution.

How to buy

There are various licensing options to choose from. Go to our licensing page for more details.

Single developer license
Developer license for my team
Production license for my robots
Annual support service

On-line training

The following guides can be viewed on-line or downloaed in PDF format for off-line use. These guides help your employees perform various tasks. Most guides contain instructions in Video.

How to install a smart electiricty meter
How to install a local communication hub
How to register a new smart meter in Ozeki 10
How to automate smart meter setup in Ozeki 10
Where can I find the logs for a smart meters in Ozeki 10
Where does Ozeki log all the meter readings?

On-line testing

After the above training materials have been learned, your employees can use our on-line testing platform to get a certificate. Our on-line testing platform offers multiple choice questions, that should be answered in a relatively short period of time.

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