Hardware devices

The following hardware devices have been tested and are compatible with all Ozeki software products (Ozeki SMS Gateway, Ozeki 10, Ozeki Cluster, Ozeki SMS Wall, Ozeki Bulk Messenger, etc). You may purchase these devices from the Internet (e.g. E-bay, Amazon, Ali express) or you may purchase them directly from Ozeki. Send an e-mail to info@ozeki.hu to request a quote from us. If you purchase from Ozeki you can be sure, that all accessories (cables, power supply, antenna, driver software, etc) are included in your package and the device is tested to make sure it is ready for you to use. All you have to do is plug it into your computer's USB port. These devices work on both Windows and Linux systems and were also tested in virtual machine environments.

  1. Sierra SMS modem

  2. Multitech SMS modem

  3. Wavecom SMS Modem

  4. 8 port GSM modem pool

  5. VoIP GSM Gateway