Hardware devices

The following SMS hardware devices have been tested and are compatible with all Ozeki SMS software products (Ozeki SMS Gateway, Ozeki 10, Ozeki Cluster, Ozeki SMS Wall, Ozeki Bulk Messenger, etc). You may purchase these devices from the Internet (e.g. E-bay, Amazon, Ali express) or you may purchase them directly from Ozeki. Send an e-mail to info@ozeki.hu to request a quote from us. If you purchase from Ozeki you can be sure, that all accessories (cables, power supply, antenna, driver software, etc) are included in your package and the device is tested to make sure it is ready for you to use. All you have to do is plug it into your computer's USB port. These devices work on both Windows and Linux systems and were also tested in virtual machine environments.

Ozeki 4G USB SMS modem
Ozeki's new generation GSM SMS modem can be connected to the PC with a USB cable. It is the best choice if you wish to send/receive SMS wirelessly with a SIM card from a PC or a Server computer. This modem works with Ozeki 10 SMS Gateway and Ozeki NG SMS Gateway reliably. This modem is an excellent 4G modem for SMS sending and receiving. It can also be used to provide mobile broadband Internet access. It supports the windows MBIM interface introduced in Windows 10 and Windows 11, so it integrates very well Windows. The modem also supports Linux and can be used in embedded system, such as industrial PC's.
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Ozeki 4G USB Dual SIM SMS modem
Ozeki's new Dual SIM GSM SMS modem can be connected to a PC with a USB cable. It is a good choice if you want to send/receive SMS messages using 2 SIM cards. It works with Ozeki 10 SMS Gateway. This modem manages two SIM cards so it can be used with two phone numbers on two mobile networks. This modem is true 4G/LTE modem with MBIM support to provide mobile broadband connectivity for Windows 10, Windows 11 and Linux computers. It is an excellent choice for sending and receiving SMS messages in professional business environments.
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Ozeki SMS Gateway One

Ozeki SMS Gateway One is a complete hardware SMS gateway system for small businesses. It is a fanless reliable industrial PC with no moving parts. It runs the Ozeki 10 SMS Gateway Software. This system is based on Linux (and yes, you get the root password). It includes a 4G LTE gsm modem. To operate this device all you need is a SIM card, and you are ready to send and receive SMS messages. This gateway offers client connectivity through webbrowsers in your Office LAN.
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Ozeki SMS Gateway PLC
Ozeki SMS Gateway PLC is a very powerful industrial grade SMS gateway system. It is designed to work 24/7 and can act as a Programmable Logical Control (PLC) in industrial automation projects. It offers GPIO, RS232, RS485 and RS422 ports to allow you to control production lines. It offers two independent gigabit Ethernet ports, Wifi, GPS and of course a 4G/LTS GSM modem for mobile broadband access and reliable SMS messaging. It can has a Windows and a Linux version. Both versions offer the latest Ozeki SMS Gateway with wireless and IP SMS connectivity to support SMPP, UCP, CIMD2, HTTP and other means of messaging and control. It can also be used as a high performance standalone IP-SMS Gateway system for demanding SMS traffic.
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