OzFramework2.HW Architecture

The below seen image demonstrates the communication between the hardware elements (microcontrollers) and the .NET type controller softwares belonging to them. These microcontrollers are connected through a serial port to the PC. More softwares can be installed on a microcontroller. For the operation of the softwares installed on the microcontroller a .NET software is required even for the computerized page.

main concept
Figure 1 - Main concept


Microcontrollers can have different installed software. E.g.: EEPROMController, MotorController, ButtonController etc..., these softwares are called devices.


Figure 2 - The connection between the devices and device handler

line communicator

Figure 3 - The Ozeki Line communication protocol


The softwares installed on the microcontroller have computerized software pairs which make it possible to configure the hardware.

Software Device

A controller program can consist of the following parts:

button controller

  • Emulator

    The functions belonging to the given Device are emulated here therefore in case of a hardware deficit the performance of the Device can be emulated. Communication with the Device is possible without connecting a microcontroller.

  • EventArgs


  • GUI

    A GUI belonging to the Device have to be implemented in an appropriate way according to theprotocol.txt which can be found in the C:\Work\Development2\OzFramework2\OzFramework2.HW.Arduino\OzekiLibs\DEVICE folder.

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