System overview

On the microcontroller program modules are running, which operate different kind of devices. Every device has its own independent identification (Device ID). The program modul which controls the device is communicating through a serial port with the program which is developed in .NET. The program developed in .NET is running on the PC.

As multiple devices can be found on a microcontoller, but typically, only one serial port is used for the communication with .NET, then we have to include in all the messages within the communication which device is concerned. This is what we use for Device ID.

main concept
Figure 1 - Main concept

Basic concepts

EventA message which is sent by the microcontroller for .NET
CommandA message which is sent by .NET for the microcontroller
Command_respAn event which is sent by the micrcontroller for .NET. This is where it is ensured that the order is processed and the next order can follow

Communication sequence

main concept
Figure 2 - Main concept

Currently available device implementations

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