Ozeki 10 SMS Gateway - Introduction

Ozeki 10 SMS gateway is a very reliable, high performance SMS gateway software for Windows and Linux. It can send or receive a massive amount of SMS messages in short time. With it you will get the highest performance, availability and security to run your most demanding SMS applications.

It enables you to use your computer to send and receive SMS messages to and from mobile devices. It allows SMS messaging in two ways: directly connecting to the SMS Center of a GSM service provider over the Internet or connecting to it using a GSM modem attached to the PC with a phone-to-PC data cable.

This is an excellent software for those who want to create SMS services in their corporate IT system! Ozeki NG SMS Gateway also ensures to send SMS messages from database, send alerts/notifications, and it provides huge amount of SMS source codes for developers as well to be able to create unique SMS solutions.

Client Software
Most users have the tools installed and ready on their machines to communicate with Ozeki SMS Gateway. You can serve desktop clients with Standard User accounts installed on SMS Gateway. These desktop clients can send or receive SMS messages if they know the username and password of any Standard User.
Read more about Client Softwares made for Ozeki SMS Gateway
This new HTTP API provides more features, flexibility and simplicity compared to previous versions. It was designed to help developers in productivity and to be able to add SMS functionality to any project. You can submit commands in HTTP requests for example for sending or receiving SMS messages.
Find out more from the HTTP API documentation of Ozeki SMS Gateway
SMS from/to Database
You can use an SQL databases for SMS messages. Follow these pages to send or receive SMS messages through Ozeki SMS Gateway's database application. All you have to do is insert or read data rows from the appropriate SQL table by setting INSERT INTO and SELECT statements.
See how to use your SQL database with Ozeki SMS Gateway
You can easily build a website for SMS messaging with the Ozeki PHP API. This tutorial shows you how to use Ozeki SMS Gateway's PHP API. It will take you less then an hour to integrate the solution that can send and receive messages from a MySQL database.
Discover PHP solutions from the PHP API documentation of Ozeki SMS Gateway
Ozeki SMS Gateway can manage almost every SMS messaging solution. This page overviews of some of the problems Ozeki SMS Gateway can solve, so you can reach efficient and convenient SMS flow. You can find great ideas to reduce costs and handle your preferred connections.
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Your C# application can connect to any user created in Ozeki SMS Gateway. Prepare your C# codes to send or receive SMS messages through SMS Gateway. You can also find source codes for two C#.NET SMS demo projects which demonstrates how easy it is to connect C# with Ozeki SMS Gateway.
Look how you can use your C# applications with Ozeki SMS Gateway
See how to send and receive SMS messages by using your Visual Basic.NET applications. Choose which is the best method for your system by downloading a database and a HTTP API example. The first method uses the Database User while the second method uses the HTTP API of Ozeki SMS Gateway.
Look how you can use your VB.NET applications with Ozeki SMS Gateway

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