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The  Ozeki SMS Server enables you to send SMS messages to any mobile device from ASP scripts. The SMS Server and the ASP scripts can be located on two different computers or they can operate on the same server. This means that more than one script can send messages at the same time.  

To send messages from ASP, you should install the sendsms.dll file. This file is included in the SMS Server software package. The functions declared in the sendsms.dll  library make it possible to place the messages onto the SMS Server's queue for sending. Take a look at the following example:

  <TITLE>  Ozeki SMS ASP Demo</TITLE>
<CENTER><H2>Send an SMS message from ASP!</H2></CENTER>
    Dim credits
    Dim ok

    Set OzekiSMSObj = Server.CreateObject("OzekiSMS.Vendor")
    credits= OzekiSMSObj.Connect("","9010","myLogin")
If credits=0 Then Response.Write "Couldn't connect to OZEKI SMS Server!"
Response.Write "You can send "+credits+" messages!<br>"
ok=OzekiSMSObj.sendSMS("+36209937723","This is my first SMS message")
If ok = 1 Then Response.Write "Messages sent!<br>"
End If
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