SMS Gateway

SMS Gateway is a term used to identify software products that enable users to add SMS functionality to their application. Ozeki Message Server 6 is a powerful SMS Gateway product, that makes it possible to send (and receive) SMS messages from a computer to mobile phones used in GSM digital cellular telephone networks. It can use a GSM Modem attached to the computer with a phone-to-pc data cable or it can use an IP SMS Gateway connection (CIMD2, UCP, SMPP) to send the messages directly to the Short Message Service Center (SMSC) of the GSM Service provider. It is ideal for software developers and for office users. (Learn more)

sms gateway
Figure 1 - SMS Gateway for 2 way text messaging

SMS Gateway APIs for software developers

SMS Gateway Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are used by software developers to interface with SMS Gateway software products. Ozeki Message Server 6 provides APIs for various programming languages (ASP, PHP, SQL, Java, C++, Delphi) and provides tools that help software developers and system integrators build SMS solutions rapidly. The best tools offered by this product are the built in SQL to SMS gateway, File to SMS gateway, E-mail to SMS gateway and the HTTP to SMS gateway. For example if the SQL SMS gateway feature is configured with a database server (Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Access, Postgres, etc...), an SMS text message can be sent by simply inserting a record into a database table. In this configuration incoming messages are stored in another database table. (Read more)

SMS Gateway + Office SMS support for office users

SMS Gateway services can be used by office end-users as well. If Ozeki Messages Server 6 is installed on a company server, SMS messages can be sent from any Office PC using one of the following options: Excel SMS, Outlook SMS, Ozeki SMS GUI.

Ozeki SMS Wall for entertainment

The Ozeki SMS Wall software displays SMS messages on the projected screen in a nice, animated way. It requires a laptop equipped with a GSM modem and a projector. It can be used for entertainment in clubs, restaurants or for information presentation at conferences. Besides entertainment, the SMS Wall is an excellent tool to collect the mobile phone numbers of the guests. If a guest sends a message to the wall, his phone number is stored for later use. At a later time, people who sent messages to the wall, can be contacted directly from the software. (Read more)


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