Ozeki Message Server 6



Table of Contents

    Summary of changes
    About  Outlook SMS Software
    Package contents
 SMS Technology
  Basic concepts
    SMS network architecture
    SMS message types
         SMS messaging using a GSM phone connected to the PC
        Connectivity over a data-cable (RS232)
        Connectivity over a data-cable (USB)
     Connectivity over Infrared (IR)
     Connectivity over Bluetooth (BT)
   IP SMS (messaging over TCP/IP)
  Ozeki Message Server 6 features
  Office Users
    Basic features
    Multi user architecture
    Address book
  IT Professionals
    Message routing
    The envelope system
    Link management
 Installation / administration guide
  Installing the server
    Hardware and software prerequisites
    First installation steps
    Server configuration - Server Preferences
    Product activation
   Driver installation
    GSM Modem Driver
    SMPP Driver
    UCP Driver
    CIMD2 Driver
    Eurotel Driver
    Virtual phone Driver
   Plugin installation
    Colour SMS Plugin
    Database (SQL) Plugin
    File Plugin
    HTTP Plugin
    PHP Plugin
    POP3 Plugin
    SMTP Plugin
    TCP Plugin
    Appstarter Plugin
    Autoreply Plugin
    Tester Plugin
  Installing the clients
    Ozeki SMS client
    Microsoft Excel - SMS client
    Microsoft Outlook - SMS client
    Outlook Express - SMS client
   System maintenance
     Disk space
     Performance monitoring
     Log files
 User guide
  User interface
     The Ozeki Message Server Monitor
     Using the Ozeki Message Server Manager
     Using the Ozeki Message Server default client
     Using Ozeki Message Server from Internet Explorer
     Sending messages from Microsoft Excel
   Common tasks
     Sending an SMS
    Creating a user account
    Exporting messages
    Using the addressbook
    Using restrictions
    Frequently asked questions
  Developers guide
   General information
     Autoresponding applications
  Programming languages
    Database developers (SQL)
    WEB developers (HTTP)
    PHP developers
    ASP developers
    Delphi developers
    Access developers
  Developer tools
    Command line
    Application mode
  Frequently asked questions
    Trouble shooting
  Case studies and Examples
     Using SMS technology in the business
    SMS for financial services
    What is the Ozeki Message Server applicable for in a school?
    SMS for entertainment in restaurants, clubs and exchibitions
    How to become an SMS reseller/ Bulk SMS
    Other examples
    Message types - OTA bitmap
    Message types - Operator logo XML
    Message types - Operator logo
    Message types - Ringtone
    Message types - Wap push
    Message types - VCalendar
    Message types - VCard
    Message types - Barcode
    GSM Service providers
    Short Message Service Center Numbers (SMSC)
    GSM Operator and Country Codes for Operator Logos
    7bit GSM alphabet
    Error codes
    MMSC Information
    Frequently Asked Questions

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