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Connect SMS modem to Ozeki 10

The Sierra GSM Modem is automatically detected by your operating system. It only needs from 2,6V upto 15V through a DC adapter and an USB connection to your Ozeki 10 machine, although do not forget to plug a SIM card into the modem. Visit this page to see how to wire the hardware. If the operating system detects it, Ozeki 10 will detect it as well. Stay here to see how to send your first SMS.

Just in case to sum it up on Figure 1 you can see all the parts to plug together:

  • Sierra Wireless Modem
  • Antenna
  • SIM card
  • Mini USB cable
  • AC/DC Adapter
  • A machine running Ozeki 10

connect these components plug this setup to an ozeki ten machine
Figure 1 - Connect these components. Plug this setup to an Ozeki 10 machine

If the LED on the Sierra SMS Modem starts flashing, it is capable to send and receive SMS messages.

To head forward, you should have an Ozeki 10 installed on your machine. You can try it out with your SMS modem on a 14 day trial. See how easily you can add it to send your first SMS text message.

Follow these steps

STEP 1: Start Ozeki 10's Control Panel
STEP 2: Create 'SMS modem' connection
STEP 3: Send a test SMS to your phone

STEP 1: Start Ozeki 10's Control Panel

Start your Ozeki 10 and log in through your browser. Click on the 'Control Panel' icon (Figure 2) to add new connection. Now you are going to add a new SMS modem connection, which in this case is a Sierra Wireless SMS Modem. The Control Panel is the best tool to manage your connection and create routes between them.

after logging in you can easily start ozeki tens control panel
Figure 2 - After logging in you can easily start Ozeki 10's Control Panel

STEP 2: Create 'SMS modem' connection

You will find yourself on the connection list. You will see a wide blue 'Create new Connection' button, so you can click on it (Figure 3). Then follow through a chain of icons on the right side of the screen. The icons you have to click on, are the following: Messaging, SMS and SMS modem. Figure 3 shows the point when you have reached the 'SMS modem' icon.

after clicking create new connection go through the Messaging than SMS than SMS modem icons
Figure 3 - After clicking 'Create new Connection', go through the Messaging -> SMS -> SMS modem icons

Now it is time to fill the connection details starting from the COM port and providing the phone number of the SIM card inserted into the SMS modem (Figure 4). Click 'Ok' to create the connection.

Just before adding it, you can check if the modem is connected to the machine. Click 'Autodetect' to test it.

provide the connection details and click ok
Figure 4 - Provide the connection details and click 'Ok'

STEP 3: Send a test SMS to your phone

You will see the SMS modem connection appear on the connection list. Click the 'Details' button right to it (Figure 5), so you can send test SMS messages to mobile and landline phone numbers all around the world.

click details right to the freshly created sms modem connection
Figure 5 - Click 'Details' right to the freshly created SMS modem connection

You can now write a test SMS to send it from Ozeki 10 (Figure 6)

send hello world from your sierra sms modem
Figure 6 - Send 'Hello World!' from your Sierra SMS modem

The SMS will instantly arrived on the targeted mobile phone (Figure 7)

the sms has arrived to your mobile phone
Figure 7 - The SMS has arrived to your mobile phone

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