How to connect Ozeki NG SMS Gateway to Ozeki VoIP GSM Gateway through SMPP connection

If you have an Ozeki NG SMS Gateway installed on a virtual machine or in a cloud system, and you cannot connect a GSM gateway to that PC phisically via serial or USB cable, you will need to choose an IP connection, such as SMPP, UCP or HTTP connection. Ozeki VoIP GSM Gateway helps you to use your own SIM cards for sending SMS messages. In this guide you can read about how to connect Ozeki NG SMS Gateway to Ozeki VoIP GSM Gateway through SMPP connection.

sending sms message from ozeki ng sms gateway
Figure 1 - Sending SMS messages from Ozeki NG SMS Gateway through Ozeki VoIP GSM Gateway

After you have enabled the SMPP SMSC function of the Ozeki VoIP GSM Gateway, you need to add a new SMPP service provider connection in your Ozeki NG SMS Gateway to connect to it. First, select the 'Add' button in the 'Service providers' section of the main page of the configuration site.

clicking add button in ozeki ng
Figure 2 - Clicking 'Add' button in Ozeki NG

Click on the 'Install' button next to the 'SMPP connection' (Figure 3).

select smpp connection
Figure 3 - Select SMPP connection

Here you need to provide the SMPP account details that you gave in the configuration site of the Ozeki VoIP GSM Gateway (Figure 4).

provide smpp connection data
Figure 4 - Provide SMPP connection data

After you have given the data, click on the 'Events' button, and you can see that the connection has been built successful or not (Figure 5).

verify the connection
Figure 5 - Verify the connection

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