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Autoconnect to Serial devices with Ozeki 10

You will see how to automatically connect to any COM port with Ozeki 10. This function is turned off as default, so you need to turn it on to use your devices with Ozeki 10. Programs cannot use the same USB port parallelly, so if you would like to upload an Ozeki device code to a microcontroller you should probably leave autoconnection turned OFF.

In computing, a serial port is a serial communication interface through which information transfers in or out one bit at a time. COM port is a common name of the serial port interface. RS-232 serial port peripherals are recognised as COM ports when connected to Ozeki 10. These peripherials can be plugged into any USB port of your computer.

Step 1: Open the GUI of Ozeki 10

Please open the HTML GUI of Ozeki 10 in your primary webbrowser by right clicking on the Ozeki 10 icon. Find it on the system tray as seen on Figure 1. Select 'Open' to open the user interface.

Figure 1 - Opening Ozeki 10 GUI in your primary browser

Step 2: Login to Ozeki 10

You need to use the login credentials of the 'admin' user you have provided when installing Ozeki 10 on your windows or linux (Figure 2). If the username, password combination is correct, the login authenticator will let you in.

Figure 2 - Logging into Ozeki 10

Step 3: Start 'Control panel'

Select 'Control panel' from the start menu which you can find on the Ozeki 10 web GUI as seen on Figure 3.

Figure 3 - Selecting 'Control panel' from start menu

Step 4: Turn 'Autoconnect' on

Now follow these few simple clicks as you can see on Figure 4. First select 'Serial ports' on the vertical toolbar then click on the 'Config' tab to turn autoconnection on. Click 'Ok' to save your settings.

Figure 4 - Setting Ozeki 10 to 'Autoconnect' mode

After 'Autoconnect' is set, you should physically replug your serial device. Please click on the 'Ports' tabpage to see if the peripherial detected by Ozeki 10 has a green circle next to it (Figure 5). The green circle shows if Ozeki 10 is capable to communicate through the COM port. If the serial communication protocol of the device is compatible with Ozeki 10, it will appear in the 'Connections' list which you can find on the left side vertical toolbar.

Figure 5 - Checking if the device connected to the COM port is available

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