Email Connections

(SMTP connections)

Here are the most popular connection types that can take control over your Email account. Both connections are SMTP connections, although the Gmail connection uses the default connection parameters. You can transfer unlimited number of Emails from any other Ozeki 10 connection.

Take control of your Email account by using these connections. Please look up the connection parameters to create a general SMTP connection. You will find the parameters on the website of your e-mail provider.

Ozeki 10 forwards messages as e-mails to anyone by using an SMTP client connection. In this tutorial you will see how to connect a standard Email account to Ozeki 10. You can find your SMTP server's IP address and port number on your Email provider's website. The only thing to do is to add these parameters to Ozeki 10.
See how to connect to an SMTP server
It is the most popular, free to register and easy to use Email solution you can find. With Ozeki 10 it is possible to send Emails to anyone by just connecting to the SMTP server of Gmail. In these instructions I will show you how to connect your Gmail account to Ozeki 10, which is our users' favorite connection.
See how to connect to your Gmail server

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