Ozeki Robot Controller

The Ozeki Robot Controller App in Ozeki 10 makes it very easy to build robots and smart, automated systems. It allows you to communicate with your sensors and actuators using simple text messages. You can write custom logic in C#.Net to manage your system's behaviour. Sensors can be connected to your system using a data cable (USB, RS232, RS485, I2C, SPI) or over the network (Ethernet, TCP/IP). Ozeki 10 runs on desktop Windows or Linux systems and ARM based embedded/single board PC's, such as the Raspberry Pi. It can also be installed on Android Smartphones, so the smartphone specific connections can be easily added.

On the following screenshot you can see the Robot Controller App's graphical user interface (GUI). There are three main secions in the screen: the main code editor window, the execution log (black section) and the list of available sensors and actuators on the right side of the user interface. Find the best examples and solutions for your needs.

ozeki robot controller app
Figure 1 - Ozeki Robot Controller App

How to build a robot?

Step 1 - Install Ozeki 10 on your control PC

Your control PC can be a Windows PC, a Linux PC, an Android Mobile or a Raspberry PI. This PC will serve as the main communication and control hub for your robot system. (Installation instructions)

Step 2 - Connect your sensors and actuators

Low level sensors (such as ultrasonic distance sensors, buttons, etc.) and actuators (motors, servos, etc) should be connected through a microcontroller to the control PC's USB or serial port. High level sensors, such as cameras, audio devices should be connected directly to an USB port. (Read more on how to connect a sensor or actuator)

Step 3 - Write the control logic in C#.Net

The control PC communicates with the sensors and actuators using text messages. For example if it receives a text message from a distance sensor containing the distance it can reply with another message sent to a motor to make a move. To make your robot do what you want, you have to write a simple messaging app. It is very easy to do. (Read more on how to write control logic)

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