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Ozeki 10

USB camera connection

All USB cameras detected by your operating system can be added to Ozeki 10. You can watch, take snapshots, record or stream the camera view. Additionally you can create a splitview anytime from multiple cameras from any type. For example from multiple USB cameras.

If a computer has an USB port, it can most likely connect to your USB camera. The camera stream is automatically broadcasted through an MJPEG stream unless you turn it off. The MJPEG stream makes you capable to add the camera view to your website in a simple image tag, like <img src="http://IP:port/">.

Follow these steps

STEP 1: Open Ozeki 10's Control Panel
STEP 2: Add your USB camera to Ozeki 10
STEP 3: Watch camera test view


  • USB camera
  • USB port
  • Ozeki 10 installed on your computer

Figure 1 shows the USB cameras connected to your operating system. You should see it in the device manager after plugging it through the USB slot. On Figure 1 the camera is connected to a Windows PC running Ozeki 10.

the usb camera can be found in the device manager
Figure 1 - The USB camera can be found in the Device manager

STEP 1: Open Ozeki 10's Control Panel

Ozeki 10 should be already installed on your machine, if not download it and read the installation guide. For Windows users, it installs simply like all other programs. You must create an admin password during installation, which has to contain at least 6 characters. Please provide the password and log into the Ozeki 10 GUI through your webbrowser.

You should see the desktop and start the 'Control Panel' (Figure 2).

start the control panel which you can find on ozeki 10's desktop
Figure 2 - Start the Control Panel which you can find on Ozeki 10's desktop

STEP 2: Add your USB camera to Ozeki 10

Please check if your USB camera is connected to your Ozeki 10 server, so you can continue this tutorial.

Click the big blue 'Create new Connection' button then click on the 'Video' icon (Figure 3).

click create new connection and select the video icon
Figure 3 - Click Create new Connection and select the Video icon

The icon to click on before adding the camera is the 'USB camera' icon (Figure 4).

select the usb camera icon
Figure 4 - Select the USB camera icon

The cameras detected by the device manager of your OS will be in the dropdown menu. Select resolution and click 'OK' to continue (Figure 5). Each USB camera can use different kind of resolutions.

add your usb camera from the dropdown menu and click ok
Figure 5 - Add your USB camera from the dropdown menu and click OK

STEP 3: Watch camera test view

The USB camera connection will appear on the main screen of Ozeki 10's Control Panel. Click on 'Details' right to the connection as you can see it on Figure 6. A useful feature is that even now you can see the camera view in real time.

click the small details button
Figure 6 - Click the small Details button

Now you can sit back and enjoy your view (Figure 7). The first thing you will see is the test view of the camera:

under the test tabpage, you can see the camera view
Figure 7 - Under the Test tabpage, you can see the camera view

It should be really fast, even through an MJPEG stream. Paste the HTTP URL to your website by using the following format. Keep in mind to use an image tag and include the URL of the stream:

<img src="http://IP:port/">

It should look the following way as you can see it on Figure 8 :

you can see an example mjpeg stream on a website
Figure 8 - You can see an example MJPEG stream on a website